Grinding Ax Boxing Day: FREE NFL Picks and Gibberish

FREEHOLD, NJ –  Now that you are coming down from your Eggnog High, it’s time to get after my NFL Week 16 Free Picks.

The Minnesota Vikings host the Los Angeles Rams and Angry Ward is salivating over the prospect of upsetting the NFC’s favorite team to go to the Super Bowl.The only problem is that the Vikings are not sure who they really are. Kirk Cousins  has the ability to light up the field throwing to his favorite targets Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen and he must since Dalvin Cook is out due to the Covid protocols.  Matthew Stafford has found his go to guy in Cooper Kupp, who is the best receiver in the NFL.  He catches everything. This will be a good game to watch if you like passing. Rams 35 Vikings 28

The Giants Future?

Revenge is the motivation for the Philadelphia Eagles as Big Blew limps into Killadelphia. Jake Fromm continues his audition and perhaps he will surprise everyone in the stadium and find some open receivers. Saquon Barkley is playing to get paid which appears to be a more daunting task than expected. The Giants must complete some passes to give their running back some room to run.
It would be a great belated  Christmas gift for all you Giant fans, wouldn’t it?

Not going to happen. Philadelphia 24 Giants 17

Let’s Go Brandon Scherff

Amari Cooper, one of the most humble and quiet players in the NFL, has a Christmas request. Get me the damn ball! There  seems to be a direct correlation between the anemia that Dallas’ offense is experiencing and Coopers decline in opportunities.  Let’s factor in Dak Prescott and his usual brain fog when under any pressure.  Enter the WFT (Washington Football Team) and a third string ex Cowboy and Patriots practice squad player Garrett Gilbert who returns to Big D to show the world why he belongs in the league.  Micah Parsons is Lawrence Taylor sans the cocaine and he will create havoc for the Team from Let’s Go Brandon Land. It will however be closer than you may think. Cowboys 28 Washington 21

It’s not easy going to Gillette Stadium to play the Patriots. Besides the obvious noise from tens of thousands of Chowda Heads screaming unpleasantries at your team, you have to overcome the surveillance technology that is surely employed by Dr.Evil Bill Belichick and his evil minions. Enter the Buffalo Bills and their fragile hopes to repeat a playoff visit. Josh Allen must use his legs and arm to stay in this one. Mac Jones has been looking rookie like lately so this is wide open for the Bills to take. The Colts beat up the Patriots on the ground but Buffalo lacks any running backs of Jonathan Taylor’s caliber. Run Josh,run!
Bills 24 Patriots 21

In other games:

Jets 24 Jaguars 21
Bengals 17 Ravens 14
Buccaneers 27 Panthers 24
Chiefs 35 Steelers 21
Bears 24 Seahawks 21

Now for some end of year gibberish. Is it just me or is LeBron James the biggest asshat in professional sports?  Is there anyone cooler than Captain Kirk Willam Shatner ? At ninety he jumps into the Bezos penis shaped rocket and travels to the edge of space! I think my mother, ( Small Matt’s Aunt Eleanor) who is entering her 100th year, may be the oldest living Yankees fan. 

That’s it for now. Chime in with your gibberish and stop back tomorrow for the New Year resolutions of Junoir Blabber.

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