Whitney Wednesday: Five Lousy NFL Christmas Presents – Fromme, Baker, Trevor

Fromm Wentz Tua Came?

STAMFORD, CT – Woah, Wednesday. What am I doing here? It’s like when the TV networks used to sneak a new show in to an established show’s time slot for a week and hope people accidentally watched. It was a pretty rough Christmas for me, unless you like driving through the bleak rust belt in the rain with furious five-year olds who thought they’d still be playing with their cousins and Frozen music cranking. 410 (miles) to New York City on I-80 is not where you want to be anywhere near Christmas time. I think I passed Olaf at one point… But I’m happy to be home with the family in one piece. Chief was there when we walked in at 2 am with his tail a’wagging. The experience made me think of bad Christmases and the NFL has been helping there. Here are Five Lousy NFL Christmas Gifts.

Jake Fromm. All we wanted was a little hope. One bright spot as another lost season wanes away. Fromm was not it.

Trevor Lawrence?

Trevor Lawrence vs Zach Wilson. I bet both of these guys are wishing they pulled an Eli and refused to play for their respective teams. You’d think this battle of two young studs would have been of interest. It wasn’t. It was like watching Home Alone. Why didn’t Kevin’s parents just call a friend or the police, by the way?

Steelers and the Football Team. I still remember a Christmas as a kid when I still wanted toys, but I didn’t get any. I guess my Mom thought I was too mature for toys. Well, I wasn’t. Speaking of unfulfilled expectations, Holy Moly did these two teams lay down. There was more excitement in Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. 

Baker Mayfield. All he needed was to get his team in FG range to take down Rodgers and the mighty Packers. Instead, he threw his fourth pick. Baker is racking up the commercials a lot faster than TD passes. It’s looking like Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are going to be the only hits in that vaunted 2018 QB class… The Giants took the amazing Kyle Lauletta that year. Or was it Davis Webb? I think they’re both still floating around on practice squads somewhere.  

Eagles and Dolphins. somehow these two crappy teams and currently in possession of the last playoff Wild Card in each conference. Well NFL, you wanted two more playoff teams. You got ’em! The Fins started 1-7 and the Iggles started 3-6, so I guess you gotta give Tua and Hurts some credit. 

Ben Whitney

RIP John Madden. The guy would spend the whole football season on a rolling road trip. Sorry honey, I don’t like to fly. See you in February. Legend.

Merry Belated Christmas to you and yours. Come back tomorrow for Buddy the Elf. Follow us on Twitter at @benwhit, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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