Sports Rain Man: LeBron Clarifies, Art Briles Hiring, NCAA Basketball February Madness

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday I didn’t have a good weekend but it wasn’t horrible… just loads of work and a sick kid. But enough about me, lets look at what is ahead. Here are the topics for today: LeBron Clarifies, Art Briles Hiring, NCAA Basketball February Madness.  

LeBron Clarifies

LeBron James said last weekend during the NBA All-Star Game that he doesn’t plan on retiring until he plays his final season with his son. This was a nice sentiment from a dad and we have heard of dads playing with their son in other sports. Apparently though LeBron’s son, Bronny (I assume it is LeBron Jr. and that is his nickname), is only a junior in high school so he won’t be eligible to play until 2024 and LeBron’s contract ends in 2023. So, people are now wondering what that means for his free agency. Will he not re-sign with the Lakers? He had to clarify –  and said he is happy in L.A. and plans on finishing his career there.

Art Briles Hiring

The best choice?

Art Briles was hired as the offensive coordinator for Grambling University this past week… The reason this is a big deal is Briles was the head coach of Baylor University in his last job. This is the Baylor University that was awash in charges for sexual assault, harassment and all manner of unethical behavior from the University President down to the AD to the sports coaches.  One of those coaches that helped foster an environment of reckless misogyny was Briles. So it is shocking, that the school that rebuilds his name with is a historic and famous HBCU. Grambling alumni are upset with the decision and want to know why the school couldn’t find an as qualified coach without the stink on him. Grambling has gone downhill since the legendary Eddie Robinson retired.

NCAA Basketball February Madness

Junoir Blaber

I don’t really follow college basketball until March Madness, but sometimes the news story comes and finds you. On Saturday, No. 1 Gonzaga, No. 2 Arizona, No. 3 Auburn, No. 4 Purdue, No. 5 Kansas, No. 6 Kentucky and No. 9 Texas Tech ALL LOST. That surpassed the previous record of six top-10 teams in the Associated Press poll losing in one day. That is insane. All these teams will still make the tournament. The question is whether the teams that defeated them will. It will likely depend on how they do in the individual conference tournaments, but the winners of these game have improved their resumes.

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