Sports Rain Man: NBA All-Star Game, 2022 Winter Olympic Medal Count, Mikayla Moore

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday I had my “no NFL talk” stand and was proud of it. Admittedly, though, when I decided to break that vow and cover the NFL… it was nice. It was nice because all the action to report and plot-lines were immediately covered. Then I would add a couple of personal thoughts and we were done. Now, I have to go hunting for sports stories worth your time. With that said, here are the topics for today: The NBA All-Star Game, 2022 Winter Olympic Medal Count, Mikayla Moore.  

The NBA All-Star Game 

Surprising no one, the NBA All-Star game was a high scoring affair… It was like 93-90 at the half so I guess they decided to play some defense as it finished 163-160. Steph Curry dropped 50, as Team LeBron beat Team Durant. You will have to follow-up with Buddy Diaz for more in-game specifics, as I didn’t watch it. I have given up on All-Star Games as more and more selected All-Stars aren’t’ that eager to get hurt playing the game. Serious what are we doing if people don’t want to defend in case they get hurt. I mean, Curry hit an All-Star Game record of 16, 3 pointers, aren’t these guys supposed to be the best two way players in the game? It was better years ago when the players seemed to care.

Junoir Blaber

The 2022 Winter Olympics Medal Count

The most anti-climactic Olympics of our lifetime… It was held in a city that is  ad for a communist regime, and we are not sure how this affected the athletes. What is clear is that the USA won third, thanks to a strong silver performance. The USA came in 4th in the gold medal count. They then tied for most silvers with 10 and added 7 bronzes. This was enough to give ‘Murica 3rd overall in the total medal tally.  All things considered, this is great for the USA. Being a global leader, they may have had the largest cohort group there. However, it should surprise no one that Norway and Germany are number 1 and 2, considering the way they are structured to help their athletes.

Mikayla Moore

In an insane feat of bad luck, Ms. Moore set a record that may last forever. She is central defender for New Zealand  women’s national soccer team who played against USA in some tournament called the #ShebBlieves Cup. The tournament is a 4-team invitational hosted by the US Women’s team, I assume to promote the game and awesomeness of girl power, which is all well and good. and I fully support it. In last night’s game, the USA won 5-0 over New Zealand, which brings us back to Ms. Moore. The first 3 – that’s right T.H.R.E.E – USA goals were off Moore, into her team’s net. Three own goals and in the first half! After she was subbed out later in the game she received  hugs of support from her coach and teammates, which is all you can do for someone really. But remember her name as she will be the answer to a trivia question on game night at your favorite bar in 5 years.

Thanks for reading, comment below,  and come back tomorrow for our Ben Whitney, who will better sports to talk about.

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