Sports Rain Man: The Super Bowl Bungles, Nick Baumgartner and The Winter Olympics

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday The NFL had its season swan song today with a very entertaining Super Bowl. That is the only sports news that counts but I will touch on the Winter Olympics also. So here is what is on the menu for today: The Super Bowl & The Winter Olympics.  

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was fun… It was gonna be weird, as there was no Tom Brady to root for or hate. Both teams had had a history of being lovable losers, the Bengals more than the Rams, who have won a couple of decades ago and did make it a few years back. The essential thing was there were no jerks or personalities for people to like or dislike. So you had a good clean game, very few penalties. There will be debate over the no face mask call on the Cincy TD but then the Rams got a dodgy holding call or two on their game winning drive. The Bengals Offensive line gave up 7 sacks, 2 a piece to Von Miller and Aaron Donald but Joltin Joe Burrow seemed unphased but his offensive line and running back couldn’t get him a yard on 2 separate attempts . The Rams stars on offense and defense stood up to be counted and that was the difference in the end. IT was a fun super bowl and it seems people loved the half time show. I will put that down to the horrid state of music today and how it took people back to their childhoods, well fortysomething year olds like me.

The Winter Olympics

Junoir Blaber

I  have no idea whats going on with the Winter Olympics. The Olympics happening in Beijing after they not to long ago had the summer Olympics is weird but these days the Olympics cost so much to host that a lot of cities are trying to both. If you get the chance you should watch Olympic snowboarder Nick Baumgartner. You can see him angry and heartbroken – on Valentine’s Day – after a quarterfinal flop in a solo event. A few days later, he was winning the combo effort with a partner and finally just crying. It has been a long way.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Ben Whitney, who will hopefully find us some comedy in sports to lighten up the room.

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