Fool’s Gold deGrom, Chris Rock v Will Smith Truth, Best Sports Show Moment

NEW YORK, NY – Whew! How great was April Fool’s Day?! Actually, it wasn’t that great. What, with all the lame office pranks, humorless attempts at forced fun by network talking heads and, of course, that continued Ukraine thing. Hopefully none of you lost a job, letting your boss have it after they fake fired you in an A.F.D. prank gone wrong. Irregardless Regardless, we’re here for a distraction from real life – or yesterday’s fake real life – and today’s distractions are: Fool’s Gold deGrom, Chris Rock v Will Smith Truth, Best Sports Show Moment

Fool’s Gold deGrom

At first glance I thought this latest Jacob deGrom injury news was a Steve Cohen concocted attempt at an April Fool’s joke, one in the vein of George Plimpton’s legendary Sidd Finch story. When it’s coming from Pat Kiernan on NY1, though, it is likely not an ill-conceived  joke. That the news came on April Fool’s Day is just soooo Mets. It’s also a harbinger of things to come with the “mature” pitching staff in Flushing. In regard to deGrom, he is now David Wright meets Matt Harvey. Every pitch he throws for the rest of his time in blue and orange will have Mets fans inhaling and exhaling. From Jake’s perspective, he’s a free agent after the season and he saw Noah Syndergaard get $18,000,000.00 after throwing 2 innings last September. He’s likely figuring all he has to do is throw 4 innings this year and he’ll get $36,000,000.00. Only way I’d sign him would be on an innings pitched incentive laden contract. Anteing up for Jake at season’s end in any other way is like banking on Fool’s Gold. Thanks, but no thanks.

Chris Rock v Will Smith Truth

We’re all well aware of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. What we may be missing is the possible back story. It’s not too much of a leap to think that Smith slapped Rock in front of the world for his inexcusable choice of ball-caps. Maybe Smith was representing Mets Nation (that’s for Angry Ward) and slapped Rock silly for wearing a Detroit Tigers cap. Chris Rock, after all, portrays himself as a diehard Mets fan. Think about it.

And the slapping continues as we sweetly segue to…

Best Sports Show Moment

We’ll let this one speak for itself. John Bradshaw Layfield, the #WWE legend, makes this… Have a look.

That’s all for now. Feel free to leave your comments below and come back tomorrow for Aristotle Sakellaridis – aka Mugsy.

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