NBA Playoffs: More Simmons Drama, Trae Young Sucks and The Greek Freak

SPANISH HARLEM – The 1st round of the NBA Playoffs is almost done but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t interesting stories to digest, even from teams that were eliminated. Let’s look at some of those now.

Ben Simmons

Wow… I mean just… Wow. If you thought it couldn’t get any worse (who am I kidding) for Ben Simmons, than you had another thing coming. It seems that Simmons has been close to playing for about a month now but it only got worse on Monday. When news came out that he wouldn’t be playing for the Brooklyn Nets in a do or die playoff game, everybody and their mother had something to say. My thing from all this, that mental health was used again used when discussing his situation, but only after he took a lot of heat for not playing due to back pain. If it was a mental thing, that should of been the first reason for not playing but what really grinds my gear,  that it was used only after the media crushed him (SMH).

FU*K Trae Young

Buddy Diaz

Just like every New York Knicks fan, on Tuesday, I took great joy seeing the Atlanta Hawks eliminated by the Miami Heat. I don’t hate Young because I’m doing a thing where I try not to use the word so lightly, but he certainly pisses me off. Part of it is because he is a really good player, fun to watch for some but he flails too much looking for calls. I just don’t enjoy watching him play and with that I say “good riddance!”


Yes, you only get the first name because I forbid writing that long ass last name.

The Greek Freak probably won’t be the league MVP but he is definitely the most unstoppable player in the NBA. When the G-Man wants to score at the rim, there is much anybody can do about it. With that long stride and enormous wingspan, he gets to the rim so easy, even while dealing with contact. It’s almost Shaq like, when he gets to the rim and while Shaq did his post, Giannis does on drives. At this point, your surprised when he is not dunking on people.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Different Matt.


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