The New York Knicks Get The 11th Pick In The NBA Draft – Looking At Positional Needs

SPANISH HARLEM – It’s the time of year as a New York Knicks that hopes turns into despair once again. The NBA Lottery was on Tuesday and the Knicks were back in to a situation that seems all too familiar. You definitely knew they weren’t going to win the lottery but there is hope that you could get lucky and move up in the draft. That didn’t happen because, of course, that’s the way its been for the Knicks. With that said, let’s look at some needs that the team will look upgrade (Soon I will provide some players that fit the team but for now, I will discuss positions).


Mitchell Robinson can be a free agent this offseason if the Knicks don’t agree to a deal before free agency begins. This can be a spot where the organization looks to move on from Mitch and get a younger shot blocker on a more cost effective salary. Now you may ask, why not pay Robinson and look to other needs and you may be right but it all depends on what type of contract Mitchell is looking for. The Knicks have a price they won’t go over and big men don’t get big contracts anymore, so it will interesting to see if they look to the draft instead.


Buddy Diaz

This is the new wave in the NBA, everybody wants wing players. It used to be frowned upon to be a player without a position but the modern NBA has learned to love these types. Guys that can play guard and forward are considered versatile, with more teams looking to add as many as possible. The ability to guard multiple positions is such a valuable commodity and something Coaches love. I fully expect this position to be heavy favorite for the 11th pick in the draft.

Point Guard

I can’t remember the last time the Knicks had an All Star guard and where they stand, they probably don’t expect one to be there when they pick but who knows. There is a always a player in the draft that plays better than expected and maybe the Knicks draft that type of Point Guard in the 1st round. This team needs a young playmaker that can grow with the young guys because it doesn’t look like they will get one in a trade or free agency.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Different Matt.


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