NBA Free Agency: New York Knicks Edition

Knicks GM Leon Rose sleeping on Jalen Brunson?!

SPANISH HARLEM – Today is the start of the NBA Free Agency and if you have been living under a rock (or out of the country), then you know the New York Knicks have a target in mind. Looking back on the draft a week ago, there were many fans (myself included), that felt disappointed and confused. That all changed when some in the media speculated that the Knicks had their on someone they really liked. By now, you are probably know who that is but if you don’t, not to worry – that comes next.

The reason the Knicks did not make a pick in the draft and traded that pick for future 1st-rounders, was because they had Jalen Brunson in mind. The thing was, they needed cap space and drafting a player adds salary and when they knew they weren’t going to get Jaden Ivey, the Knicks went to work. Kemba Walker, Alec Burks and Nerlens Noel were all traded to the Detroit Pistons (in separate deals), clearing around 30 million in salary (Thanks, Detroit!).

The question now is… will they get their man? Most reports have the Knicks acquiring the free agent point guard but nothing is guaranteed until there is pen to paper. No question, the chances are favorable and almost every person media person with a pulse is leaning toward him being a Knick – and rightfully so. Brunson’s dad has been added to Tom Thibodeau staff and Leon Rose was his former agent. Rose’s son is now Jalen’s agent, so it’s safe to say that the President of Basketball Operations has the intel/reason to go all in. There is a possibility that another team like the Mavericks (the team Brunson is currently on) and/or the Heat (who seem interested) can come in and change everything, but I think you can still feel confident that the Knicks get the deal done.

Buddy Diaz

Now, we talk about the price tag. At the moment, the rumor is 4 years at 110 million. That makes him a 27.5 million point guard. When you think about that amount of money, you hope that they get a superstar. It’s fair to say that Jalen Brunson is not a superstar but he is a great point guard who continues to get better every year . If there is one position the Knicks need, its at point guard. IMO, the money is pretty high, considering the asset you are getting, but sometimes you have to pay more to get what you want. The Knicks are not in a position to be choosy and adding assets like Brunson gives you more ammo to make a bigger trade later on, even if it includes him or not.

Again, like last week, I could be all wrong and the Knicks get nothing but at least for a day, I can dream.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cam James.

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