NBA Draft 2022: Possible Knicks Trades and More

SPANISH HARLEM – Today is the NBA Draft and once again, the New York Knicks find themselves in the lottery. With the 11th Pick, they are on the lower end of the draft lottery but that won’t stop the rumors and ideas from circulating. Let me throw some of them at you and also, give you my thoughts.

The Knicks Make a Pick at 11

Thoughts: MEH! (Not super happy but I’m fine)

Probably the safest best to happen for the Knicks, as they look to take the best player available. Some mock drafts have them taking AJ Griffin from Duke. He is an high upside shooter capable of guarding multiple positions, who shows great 3-and-D potential. Other players to look out for if they drop or are available, are names like Johnny Davis (Guard/Wing), Jeremy Sochan (Wing) and Ty Ty Washington (Guard/Point).

The Knicks Trade for the 5th Pick in the Draft

Reaction: Now we got something here!

This is a rumor that is floating around, as the Knicks are well known at this point for trying to move up in the lottery. At the moment, the Detroit Pistons have the pick but there seems to be feelings around the league that they may have interest in Cam Reddish and possible picks or trade swaps to add more incentive. Though far fetched, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did this for the same reason I will discuss below.

They Trade for the 4th Pick in the Draft 


Buddy Diaz

Now we get to the juicy part of the rumors. There is so much stuff out there that you can find showing the Knicks main interest to move up, would be for Jaden Ivey. The Knicks really covet this player and it’s hard not to see why. A tall guard with explosive ability, who can get to rim at will and fast enough to get by just about anybody. I’m not sure if he is a point guard or a combo guard in the mold of Donovan Mitchell but he is someone you can get really excited about, if he is on your team.

The Sacramento Kings have the 4th pick in the draft and with De’Aaron Fox already on the team, they may be looking to move the pick if they get an offer they really like. Right now, it seems it will take multiple firsts, pick swaps and possibly Obi Topping or Immanuel Quickley. Probably still not enough but the Knicks need to do whatever it takes, if they think this kid is that special. Best case scenario sees the Kings passing on Ivey and the Knicks looking to trade of the 5th pick.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for more stuff to throw around the water cooler.

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