Big Ben Tuesday: Pete Alonso Deadliftin’, Matt Carpenter Groundin’, Zach Wilson Milfin’.

Stamford, CT: Over the last few weeks some funny things have caught my eye. With a bit of a downtime in the sports world, it’s time to catch up. Let’s take a closer look at; Pete Alonso Deadliftin’, Matt Carpenter Groundin’, and Zach Wilson Milfin’.

Polar Bear Getting His Pump On

Alonso between rounds 1 and 2 of the HR Derby

I didn’t pay much attention to the All-Star game or the HR derby, but I was impressed by Pete Alonso’s in game derby prep. This guy was mediating, doing deadlifts and getting effing fired up. You wouldn’t think this was the two time defending champ – the man really wanted to win again.

I know he didn’t have much weight on the bar, but still, doing a bunch of deadlifts before swinging the bat about 1,000 times seems like it would only tire you out. So although it didn’t seem like the wisest choice, he gets big points for caring in my book. Maybe that’s one of the big problems with the All-Star game itself. No one really cares if they win. Pete cares.

Carpenter Getting Grounded

A lot has been made on recent Yankees’ telecasts of Matt Carpenter’s pre-game ritual of walking barefoot in the outfield for a half hour before games. This is known as “grounding” and is meant to connect him to the earth. Or something. Whether there’s actually something to it or if it just clears his head and helps him decompress, who cares. It’s working.

Maybe he can take Joey Gallo out there with him. Or better yet, the Yankees could drop Gallo deep in the wilderness with bare feet. He either makes it back super grounded or not at all. Win win. We could make it a reality show. Striking Out and Afraid. 


Zach Wilson, Mommy Hopper

I may be late to the party with this one, but one of the most surprising off-season football stories was Zach Wilson’s ex accusing him of throwing a few down and ins routes to his Mom’s best friend. Record scratch. What? This happened after the ex started dating Zach’s former best friend and BYU teammate, now a WR for the Commanders, Dax Milne. Someone called her a “homie hopper”  and she responded with the allegation about Zach and his Mom’s friend. Hey, the BYU mascot is the Cougar.

Well, I don’t know ‘ol Zach had it in him. Nice boy from BYU. Suddenly that Jets under/over number of five and half wins looks low to me. They have sure added a lot of weapons. And maybe the biggest weapon of all, Zach Wilson, was already on board. Things are looking up in Jets’ land, they’ve got an assassin under center.

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