Donovan Mitchell On The Move? Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving Stay Put?

SPANISH HARLEM – One NBA rumor was all I needed to discuss basketball again. It helps when you got nothing really planned other than maybe talking about Clay Holmes impersonating Aroldis Chapman but that would just cause me to get mad again. Anyhow, lets jump right into it.

Donovan Mitchell Might Get Traded 

After the Utah Jazz traded Rudy Gobert, many expected the team to build around Donovan Mitchell. It was well known that the two have had their issues and were not particularly on good terms, so it was no surprise when he was traded. At one time, it was thought that one of them was going to get traded but once Gobert was gone, myself included, thought the Jazz would never trade Mitchell.

Yet, news broke today that the much-wanted Knick could be available for the right price. It is being speculated that the deal would have to involve a lot of picks and RJ Barrett, who is a fan favorite, and that has New York buzzing. Would I love to see Donovan Mitchell in a Knicks uniform? Absolutely! Though it would be tough to loss Barrett , he really is the only asset and I don’t how a trade like this goes down without adding him. I guess the question you have to ask yourself is… how far are you willing to go for Mitchell?

Do Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Play a Game for the Nets?

Buddy Diaz

One day I think, ‘there is no way Durant and Irving stay on the Nets, then the next I think, ‘why should they trade them? We all know that these two are looking to play elsewhere. My gut is tells me there is no way they play another game in Brooklyn. They are both under contract, however. Durant has 4 more years and Irving has the one he just opted in for, so they won’t just be given away for nothing. From the rumors out there, Durant will need to bring back an All-Star caliber player and tons of picks. Can/will they get that for the one of games best players in the game? Irving, on the other hand, could be had at a much lower cost but with the contract he has, it won’t be that easy. The Los Angeles Lakers are interested and can match salaries with Russell Westbrook but the Nets won’t just want that contract and a draft pick. My guess, is that he finally lands there but the Nets get more than expected.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Different Matt.

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