Aaron Judge IS Your AL MVP, and Canelo vs GGG

SPANISH HARLEM – About two weeks ago our very own Ben Whitney gave some good reasons on why a team’s overall performance should be discounted when discussing the MLB MVP. We saw Mike Trout win multiple MVPs on teams that had no chance to make the playoffs, Shohei Ohtani did the same with the Los Angeles Angels last year but sometimes a player leaves no doubt on why he should be MVP and in my eyes Aaron Judge has done just that.

The MVP Discussion is Over!

When you take into account the type of year that the Yankees have had, from the many ups to their recent downs, Judge has been the main reason the Yankees remain competitive on a nightly basis. Sure, the sky was falling there for a bit but Judge continued to put up big numbers and kept this team in games. While on some days, it did not produce wins, he certainly wasn’t the one to blame. He has remained healthy when other guys were falling apart and without him, the Yankees would not be where they are today.

What Judge is doing now, only shows how talented he is. The Yankees home run record of 61 looks like it will be broken and though it hasn’t gotten the type of hype you would expect, there is no change in attitude. He does not seem stressed or bothered at all by what is happening and that should not surprise anyone. He has always taken everything in stride and continues to do so. Judge is putting up magical numbers this season and if anybody out there thinks he shouldn’t win MVP, then get your eyes checked.

Canelo Vs Triple G

Buddy Diaz

This is THE FIGHT for boxing fans. There is no bigger star in boxing than Canelo Alvarez and though he lost his last fight, you have to take that with a grain of salt. He moved up in weight and challenged himself. Many great fighters have moved up in weight and lost, so I am not worried about that. With that being said, this fight should be tied at 1 win a piece. I saw the first fight and I thought Gennady Golovkin won. That makes this fight so interesting. Can Triple G finally win a fight in this trilogy? That I’m not so sure of… but I will definitely be watching.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cam James.

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