Buddy Diaz: Feelings on Aaron Judge Re-Signing With The Yankees

Jon Heyman with his epic Aaron Judge/Arson Judge gaffe

SPANISH HARLEM – I know for a lot of New York Yankees fans, Tuesday and Wednesday had to feel like being on roller coaster – the one from that Final Destination movie. Jon Heyman shocked the Twittersphere when he broke the news that Aaron Judge was signing with the San Francisco Giants (later deleted). We all knew the stories and that was on the table for 9 Years and 360 million. What we didn’t know was if the Yankees would match or go over to get their man.

At that moment on Tuesday when the news broke, I didn’t feel anything. For some reason, I didn’t get upset or feel mad. It was weird because I thought I would of felt something. But I wasn’t shocked. I knew this could be a possibility. With this front office I could see them penny-pinching and losing Judge. I thought about all the ways this team could change but that didn’t last long… only an hour later we would all learn that the news was not true. Still, it left a funny feeling in the stomach that this was eventually going to happen. It was crazy the next morning when I heard the news that he was coming back to New York. My first thought was ‘Let’s wait this one out.’ When I realized it finally real, again, I didn’t feel anything. It’s hard to explain because you would think I loved the guy or something. Don’t get it twisted, I enjoy Judge and I root for him but I’m just not tied into him like most fans are.

Buddy Diaz

Did I want to lose him? That answer is no but I also want this team to get better and sign more players. That remains to be seen but this just can’t be it. There has to be more because I can’t this group winning a World Seriesand isn’t that what it’s all about as a Yankees fan? There are still a couple of holes to fill and signing Judge should be the first step in that process.

It’s definitely a good week if you root for the Yankees but again, this can’t be the only thing because this is the same team that got swept by the Houston Astros.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Different Matt.

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