Mets Jacob deGrom becomes Texas Rangers’ Jacob deGreed

ARLINGTON, TX – in case you were in a coma or live in a cave you may have missed the breaking story that the enigma that is Jacob deGrom signed a monumental contract with the Texas Rangers, who need to rename their team the Texas Sh!heads. Here are my thoughts on these events.

The knee-jerk reactions are out there in waves. If you’re a #Mets fan you don’t know what to think of other than that doom is around the corner. Yankee fans are reveling  in this perceived slap in the face for Mets owner Steve Cohen, the organization and the Amazins’ fan base. Indeed, my cell phone is blowing up from Yankee fans giddily claiming this is one of the darkest moments in Mets history. That they let the best pitcher ever go to Texas over money. Monikers like Mutts, and NY Mess are sprinkled in, adding insult to injury.

Ah, there is that word… injury!

As I have been saying all along, Jacob deGrom is the pitching version of David Wright and nobody in their right minds would hitch their wagons to a guy that has been on the  Injured List over and over again and won’t throw a baseball again in a Major League Baseball game until he’s past his 35th birthday. This comes after two seasons of injury in which he pitched half a season each.

Why in the world would you think this guy is going to stay healthy as he’s getting older?

Steve Cohen is a diehard Mets fan. He bleeds orange and blue. But he’s also a sage and savvy businessman. The Texas Rangers did Cohen & Co – and that Co includes all Mets fans, an enormously massive favor. Bigly. Uge. They opened the war chest and decided that they were going to overpay for too long a period for a guy that has no track record of durability. He also got knocked around in September and gutted through six innings versus the Padres in the Mets lone postseason win. That’s not worth five years and all the gold in Texas.

As the above tweet from last night declares, Jacob deGrom showed his true colors: green and green. You can’t possibly be concerned about winning. He doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about the organization that gave him everything. And he doesn’t give a sh!t about his teammates here in New York… or the fans.

Good riddance, Jacob de Greed. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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