Buddy Rants: NFC Championship & Eagles Vs 49ers

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SPANISH HARLEM – First, I want to thank Big Ben for his column this week. it’s a must-read if your a Giants fan. He hit on a lot of good points, while also stating what they have to do better in key areas. Good job Ben! Also, I should acknowledge that I did not write about the Eagles vs Giants game on purpose. While I don’t like the Giants, I do have a lot of respect for that organization and I did expect it to be a tough game. I was a bit scared but in the end, Philly showed they are where they should be. With that, let’s move on to the San Francisco 49ers.

Here is a nice little tidbit: I I started out as a 49ers fan… or maybe it was a Joe Montana fan. When I first started liking football, the 49ers where the elite team in the league and nobody was better than the original Joe Cool. Eventually, I turned my attention to someone by the name of Randall Cunningham and I have been an Eagles fan ever since. As you can imagine, I want to crush the 49ers. But it’s more because the media and betting lines have shown us no respect. The spread at this moment is 2.5, which tells me that if San Francisco had Trey Lance orĀ  Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback, they would be favorites at Lincoln Financial Field.

Buddy Diaz

I’m sorry but that is total disrespect. The line tells me that they don’t think we are the better team and that’s fine, you don’t have like us. But acknowledge that we were the best team in the NFC for 14 of the 17 games this season. It seems like everybody loves the 49ers in this game and to each is their own. I just don’t feel like the Eagles get enough credit for the season they had. Granted, it was not expected.

-You didn’t know that Jalen Hurts could be this good.
-You didn’t know the impact that AJ Brown would have on this offense
-You didn’t know how Howie Roseman would fill in the blanks on defense and offense with good to great players

At least give us more credit.

I’m done ranting. Come back tomorrow for Different Matt, please leave some comments below but please don’t trash my team…


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