Aaron Rodgers Wants Jets, March Madness, Knicks Win Again, Edwin Diaz

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SPANISH HARLEM – Nothing is better than the National Football League. It just dominates the air waves – and thank god for me – because it would be that much harder to write about sports. I could always write about the Yankees and Knicks again, and will, somewhat – but this Rodgers thing is too good to pass up. But that’s not all… we’ll throw in a little March Madness, as well.

Aaron Rodgers

I don’t care what anybody says, if I’m a New York Jets fans, I want this to happen. It has to happen. Not just for all the New York Media reasons but because he is still one helluva quarterback. Is Rodgers a unique individual? Yes…  yes, he is. But he also gives you the best opportunity to win now. He stated his intentions to play for the J-E-T-S on the Pat McAfee Show and it’s on Woody Johnson to make that happen. It shouldn’t take much in terms of draft picks but really, I want it to happen because I called it a couple of weeks ago in one of my articles.

March Madness

As a kid, I watched college basketball a lot more. Maybe, it was because all young basketball players HAD to go college before entering the NBA. So you watch some games because you heard this guy was good and you had to see for yourself. Now, basketball is a global sport and the next young legend will probably be someone from another country. Still, nothing says college basketball better than March Madness. With all the betting and bracket stuff going around, nothing is bigger in sports right now.

Knicks Win In Portland

Buddy Diaz

This was a tough stretch for the Knicks but they turned it around their last two games against the Lakers and Portland. You can feel the difference without Jalen Brunson in there. Immanuel Quickley has been good in his absence, with flashes from Miles McBride. The important thing is that they are not falling apart without Brunson. He needs to stay out until he is healthy because we are going to need him for the last part of the season.

MANAGEMENT INSERT: The good news out of the World Baseball Classic is that Edwin Diaz did not hurt his elbow or his shoulder.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for more Cam James.

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