My NBA Finals Prediction: Nuggets Vs Heat

Nikola Jokic, Jimmy Butler, Meet The Matts, NBA Finals
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SPANISH HARLEM – Let me start by saying I am so happy that the Boston Celtics were not the first team to comeback from 3-0 deficit! I hated every time the media brought up the Red Sox beating the Yankeesthank you basketball gods for not allowing this to happen. With that, game 1 of the NBA Finals begins tonight with the Denver Nuggets versus the Miami Heat. It might not be that two teams everybody wanted, but it’s the two teams we got – and I’m fine with it.

For many fans it may be the first time you watch Nikola Jokic play. Denver is not a team a marque city and while being a very good and the best in Western Conference all season, nobody was jumping out of way to watch this team on a lately basis. Jokic is a two time back to back league MVP and might have won a third, if not for an amazing season from Joel Embiid. There could be an argument that Jokic should have been the MVP this season and but that’s a story for another article. Jokic is not flashy and won’t wow you with his athleticism but he still is fun to watch and will get over due exposure by playing in the Finals.

Buddy Diaz

On the other hand, the Heat is a well-known team in a city beloved by players and coaches… but they don’t have the biggest fan base. Miami is a team you love to hate and as Knicks fan, I fall on the hate side. I must say, however, seeing this team come into playoffs as the 8th seed beating every team that stood in their way was impressive. Jimmy Butler is their best player and whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect Playoff Jimmy. He becomes other-worldly in the postseason and is the main reason they are in this position.

Though my heart wants me to root for the Heat, my brain is telling me that there is no way that Denver losses this series. They have best player in the world in Jokic and that should be enough to bring Denver its first championship. Still, I can’t help the feeling that the Heat will win. So, on that note, I’m picking the Heat in 6.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for more sensational content.

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