Should The Knicks Trade For a Superstar?

Damian Lillard to the Knicks?!
Damian Lillard to the Knicks?! Credit: Fadeaway World

SPANISH HARLEM – Just when I thought there was nothing left to write about with the New York Knicks, they pull me back in. As I watched the Heat vs Nuggets, I got to thinking about what it would take for the Knicks to be a title contender. Do they trade for a superstar or continue to build around what they have?

We may be able to revisit this option again in the future if more players become available. It’s still too early to tell what disgruntled players will ask out. But there are always a few rumblings that certain players can be had for the right price. The Knicks will have their ear to ground on any players they feel can be had but they will also investigate if that player is the right fit.

Buddy Diaz

At the moment, Damian Lillard is a potential superstar that could be on the move, depending on if the Portland Trailblazers decide to go all-in on another superstar type or decide that the best decision is to rebuild. With Jalen Brunson entrenched as the point guard and a budding star himself, Lillard would not be a good fit alongside Brunson in the backcourt and would not be good team construction even with Lillard being the better of the two.

That’s not the only problem when trading for a superstar, the real question is what you will give up getting them. The front office will not want to gut the team of all their good players, as they have acquired many draft picks to ease the number of players that would be on the move. I do think if the right guy becomes available, the Knicks will undoubtedly make a concerted effort to bring that player to MSG  – while it’s still there – and build around that player with J-Bru, but it remains to be seen if the right guy will exist this offseason.

Let’s get your thoughts on what you want the Knicks to do. Come back tomorrow for more content.

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