Sports Rain Man: Weekly Mets Update, NBA Draft and Belgian Hurdler

Happy Monday! Welcome to the last week before a 4 day weekend. Before we get there, we have to survive this week. I am here to help with today’s piece. With that, let’s focus on today’s topics: Weekly Mets Update NBA Draft and Belgian Hurdler.

Weekly Mets Update

The New York Mets have lost 15 of their last 20. It’s been ugly but this week might have been their worst. They won their first game in Houston and then lost a close and winnable second game before losing again in the third game. They followed with a loss the start of the series against the Phillies, which was riddled which had key errors leading to runs. They had a good game on bounce back game on Saturday and then yesterday they looked like they were going to win two in a row and hopefully start something. However, then they had one of their most epic bullpen collapses ever. Somehow the bullpen gave up four runs on one hit in the bottom of the eighth. It was and infield hit then there was a walk and two hit batters that gave the Phillies a 7-6 lead which they were able to close out the top of the ninth. Also in a shocking move in the second inning on Fridays game, mid game they traded Eduardo Escobar and his teammate and him and his to grasp what was happening in the middle of the game.. The Meta have had some rough weekends this season but I think yesterday was their most painful loss and with the trade of glue guy, it was probably the worst weekend to date. I don’t know if they’ll come back in time to make the wild card so it’ll be interesting what happens at the trade deadline.

Junior Blaber, Formally.

NBA Draft

So the NBA draft has happened and as expected, Victor Wembanyama was the number one draft pick and is going to the Spurs which is a great fit for him. Brandon Miller went second and then it was Scoot Henderson at 3rd and the Thompson twins (cue the 80s music), Amen and Ausar, completing the top 5. Henderson and the Thompson twins make up the highest G-league players have ever been drafted and is making the G-league, legitimate minor league option for young high school basketball players as the Thompson brothers forego’d their senior year of high school to turn pro. On the other hand considering that the NBA Finals MVP was a second round draft pick and they faced a team in the NBA final that five undrafted players it makes you wonder just how overrated the draft this. I mean outside of the guys at the top of the lottery, very picks are very memorable guys and even then you have guys who will be role players rather than prove to be very good players. The NBA draft¬† isn’t as wild as the NFL cuz they don’t have as many people but also, not that many of the teams look to necessarily build through the draft outside of getting maybe one key player.

Belgian Hurdler

I randomly came across this article about the Belgian hurdler and I thought it was awesome. This young lady is the team shotput and hammer thrower. She had just finished sixth in her competition but these where the European championships and they help qualify for the World championships so performance as a team counts. I don’t really understand the team scoring concept that but with both their hurdlers injured, the team had no one left and would be deducted a point. Every point counts if you’re trying to get to the world championships as a team, so up steps the team shot putter to run the hurdles and just finish, apparently if you just run and finish you can get a point regardless of your time. I think she took twice as long as the winner of the heat but she finished the hurdles and got her team that point because that’s what it means to be a team player.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out Ben Whitney, who will give us his thoughts on The Stankees.

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