Thoughts on Knicks Moves: Obi Toppin and Donte DiVincenzo

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Did the Knicks break up a potential Dynamic Duo?

SPANISH HARLEM – NBA free agency has been active since Friday, and we saw a ton of moves and some big money get handed out. It’s part of the process to see someone you didn’t see as a star, being paid like one. Then there are those players that seem to have more value, sign contracts that are below market, but that is life sometimes. Players come and players go, so today I will discuss the trade of Obi Toppin and the addition of Donte DiVincenzo.

Obi Toppin

This trade made me quite sad, to be frank. I always saw a ton of value in Obi and wanted to see what he could do with more time on the floor. We got to see them in spurts, specifically when Julius Randle was out from injury. There was that 10-15 game stretch two seasons ago, where Toppin scored 30 points in consecutive games and seemed to average 20 points or more when given the minutes. Sure, it was when the New York Knicks were out of the playoffs and most teams had nothing to play for, but you still saw the talent and what could’ve been.

We can blame Tom Thibodeau or the front office for taking Toppin in the draft – when they already had Randle in the mix – but I’m sure neither had the foresight that Randle would become a two-time All-NBA player. I don’t hate Randle, but I also wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t on the team anymore. I was hoping that Toppin would finally take over at some point but that was wishful thinking.

Donte DiVincenzo

Buddy Diaz

The New York Wildcats… sorry, Knicks… added another player from that 2018 Villanova championship team in Donte DiVincenzo. It was a move that everyone saw coming, especially after the rumors swirled that the Knicks were interested in his services and his connection to Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart (both former teammates). He fits right in, with his ability to spread the floor and perimeter defense.

Considered more of a combo with unique skills that will allow him to play point guard at times,  He can also drive into the lane and shoot the three. These are all things the Knickerbockers lacked in the postseason last season. With Immanuel Quickley as the 6th man, DiVincenzo can take turns playing point and off ball. Honestly, I like that both players play similar positions and can lead the second unit, as they take turns running plays.

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