Yankees Are Headed to Offseason Blues

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SPANISH HARLEM – As the New York Yankees season draws near, be appreciative that you can get the anger out of the way a lot sooner than later. No more waiting to fall short in the ALCS and go another year without making the World Series. At least now, Yankees fans can stop giving a sh!t right away.

Does the end of the season mean the end of this sorry Yankees team coming back next year? That remains to be seen. My gut tells me that not much will go on in the form of change and any facelift or restructuring of the organization will not reap any awards tomorrow. Transformation will be a slow process from the top down. Any progress is months and years away.

All fans can hope for now is that the prospects get better and contribute to the Major League team in some way or form… That the mistakes of the past are not repeated and the philosophy of the front office changes because…IT MUST. Any trust that existed is lost now and anything short of wholesale chang will have fans screaming a lot louder – and not just calling for Brian Cashman to get the ax. Soon you’ll hear fans yelling for Hal Steinbrenner to sell the team.

Bummed Buddy Diaz

In New York, it’s always about, “What have you done for me lately?” In the Bronx, there’s nothing positive.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Jackson Sternberg. Drop a comment below on anything you like.

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