Yankees Fan Looks into Plan for Next Season

SPANISH HARLEM – As I sit staring at my computer, the only thing that comes to mind is… “How can the New York Yankees Improve for next year?” There is a good amount of ideas, but I will share a few that piqued my interest. Let’s start with the most interesting one.

Sign Shohei Ohtani

It’s no secret the Yankees have been enamored with Ohtani since the moment he made his intentions to play Major League baseball in the United States.  As we have seen before, the Yankees’ market makes sense for imported players, as there is more money to be made via commercials and advertising. It also helps that the Yanks are the most famous baseball team in the world.

When he signed with the Los Angeles Angels, more fame was not something he needed or was looking for. Now, it seems that winning is the key component to any team that has interest in signing him. I’m not sure it happens but just imagine that lefty bat and the right field porch in Yankees Stadium… it would be unreal.

Sign Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Yup, let’s double down on Japanese players. Yamamoto could be another piece to the puzzle. It could add incentive for Ohtani, whether as an attraction or as a consolation prize. We know Ohtani won’t be pitching next year and Yamamoto could be the best pitcher on the free agent market.

The Yankees have sent scouts to evaluate him and on one of those days, he threw a no hitter. It’s fair to say that they like him very much and seem to want him in the fold. The sooner that they can get him the better the Yankees are at making more moves.

More Left Bats in the Lineup

Buddy Diaz

This one has bugged me for a couple of years now. There is little to no balance in the lineup, other than Anthony Rizzo. Some of the Yankees best lineups throughout the years had balance 1 through 9, with great lefty bats that scared pitchers to pitch inside because of said right field porch.

The big name out there is Cody Bellinger, son of former Yankee, Clay Bellinger. This seems like a match made in heaven, but will the Yankees be willing to dish out the money necessary to make it happen (especially if they sign one of Ohtani and/or Yamamoto) – let’s hope that they do.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for more Jackson Sternberg. In the meantime, drop a comment below on anything you want to discuss, whether that is the Yankees or otherwise.

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