Brian Cashman: Drunk or Delusional

WHITESTONE, NY – Whenever I drop excess cash into my gas tank I think of my trusted public officials. When I’m in the supermarket pulling extra money out of my pocket to pay the cashier I’m thinking of my trusted public officials.

I thought of one other trusted official the other day, who’s from the sports world. The NY Yankees General Manager, Brian Cashman. He made some quotes that one might think were the product of drinking or delusion.  Or both.

Cashman was surrounded by reporters at the General Managers’ meeting in Arizona. The mild mannered GM, who’s usually engaging with everyone he comes across, showed the Mr. Hyde side within him. Trying to show how bad-ass he is, even though he was wearing a pink shirt, Cashman flooded the mics with more [bleep] words than Chris Rock uses during his stand-ups. Either Cashman had too much to drink at the hotel’s bar, or he simply couldn’t handle the truth that his team simply stinks.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

The same guy who described the Yankees as a “disaster” back in August was now shouting, “I think we’re pretty bleeping good.” One can call Cashman delusional or just drunk. Brian’s pink shirt along with the aviator sunglasses he was wearing, possibly to hide the bloodshot eyes, can only lead to that description. Brian couldn’t handle the fact that his $276,999,872 team produced 82 wins for a 4th place finish without qualifying for the playoffs, even though two extra wild card teams were added to the format. His outburst to the press corps made him sound like the trusted public official of today, who can’t be trusted.

General Manager Cashman needs to have another drink for every Yankees fan that won’t drink his Kool-Aid!

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