James Harden Trade, Josh McDaniels Tenure in Oakland

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Even Billy Crystal, Ultimate Sports Celeb Whore, can't figure out the Clippers re James Harden.

SPANISH HARLEM – For two nights in a row, I wake up to breaking news. The first was James Harden being traded on Tuesday morning in the wee hours – for us people that live on the east coast. (Check Angry Ward’s column yesterday for the initial reaction). Then Mark Davis says, “watch me do something better,” and fires his head coach and general manager, to up the stakes on early morning sports news. Let’s begin with more on the Harden Trade.

James Harden to the Clippers

Can the Clippers be any more Clipperly than this? Not only do they make a trade that doesn’t put them in title contention, but they also give up an unprotected 1st round pick in the process, when no other team in the league wanted Harden. #SMFH… I can’t understand how you give up anything of worth any value in the deal. Harden wanted out and the only team that wanted him was the Clippers, yet somehow bidding against themselves, they still lost.

Mark Davis Strikes Again

Buddy Diaz, Meet The Matts
Buddy Diaz

It’s one thing to be fired from your job as a head coach in the NFL but it’s another thing to be fired twice before the season ends. Josh McDonalds McDaniels (I Just made that name up) could not finish his contract with Denver prior to his gig in Oakland. That makes two teams that wanted to get rid of him so fast that they decided paying him to stay home is better than letting him coach the team… OUCH! That said, the Bill Belichick coaching tree stinks.

That is for today, come back tomorrow for FSS Jackson Sternberg, and leave a comment on what sports related news you want to discuss.

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