Did The Yankees Make the Right Move with The Juan Soto Trade?

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Kings of New York?

SPANISH HARLEM – As crazy as this may sound, some New York Yankees fans are either worried or complained about the Juan Soto trade. The main reason has been the inability to reach an agreement on a contract extension with Soto upon completion of the trade.

Of course, as a fan you are entitled to feel as you want on any matters pertaining to the Yankees, but I found myself dumbfounded that some have the audacity to complain about a deal that brings in, maybe, the most talented hitter in all of baseball. I guess some people are just miserable.

Did the Yankees give up a lot? In terms of players, a case can be made that they did, but in terms of who we shipped out in the deal, I don’t see any impact… at least for the immediate future. Michael King showed that he could be a good starter in this league and unless you are trading an ace level talent, you will take the everyday great hitter every time.

Yes, I understand all the talk about this being a one-year deal and that he could be lost in free agency, but the Yankees have a whole year to wine and dine Soto up until free agency. The organization has improved their chances of signing Soto by trading for him. It will surely enhance their ability to understand what type of offer it will take to keep J-So in what will ultimately be a huge-mondo deal. Likely more than Aaron Judge but definitely less than the overall numbers of the Shohei Ohtani deal.

Buddy Diaz

Considering his age and statistics to date, the Yankees will be one of a few teams that will have the ability to make any type of offer. Sure, he will chase the money and teams will be likely make it tough on the Yankees, but I think the Yankees are the team to beat and made themselves that way because of said trade.

That’s it for now, please come back tomorrow for more content. Leave your comments on the Soto trade below.

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