Sports Rain Man: NFL Eye-Catchers, Texans vs Jets, Bills vs Chiefs and Packers v Giants

Zach Wilson is all smilles


NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday! It seems like it has been rainy, cold and cloudy all over the Northeast. We are expecting a very cold week so time to stock up on the whiskey. As for today’s topics, they are: NFL Eye-Catchers, Texans vs Jets, Bills vs Chiefs and Packers v Giants

NFL Eye-Catchers (Pretenders vs Contenders)
1) The Raiders vs Angry Ward’s Vikings are the winners of the worst score line of the season. I thought the Rams v Patriots game last week was ugly but this was a baseball score 3-0. It sounds like a Twins vs A’s score line.
2) The Cowboys beating the Buddy Diaz’s Eagles is kinda big deal. It is the second loss in a row after a narrow a win they probably didn’t deserve. So a very disturbing trend. This is mainly because it gives the Cowboys belief and a chance to win the division. This effects playoff seating and the form is a bit of concern. They will make the playoffs but the lack of form against big time opponents is a note of concern.
3) I haven’t seen a team have to go to their 2nd and sometimes 3rd or 4th QB of the season like this. I haven’t checked the stats but I think of the 32 teams maybe 6 or so haven’t had to use their back-up QB.
Texans v Jets
This was the most complete Jets game of the season. The first half was super ugly. The Defense was doing its thing of pitching a shutout and the Offense was doing its thing of just being useless. It all changed in the second half as the offense scored on its first drive and managed to score on 5 other positions to rack up 30 points. The running game didn’t get to 100 yards but it was solid and the much maligned Nathanial Hackett and Zach Wilson did their job in calling good passes and making good throws. When I saw the Jets were up 14-0 in the 3rd quarter, I knew the Jets would win. This was the first time all season the Jets defense was given a double digit lead and as tough as this defense is to play against in general, you don’t want to face them if you are chasing the game.
Junior Blaber
Bills vs Chiefs
These games always go down to the wire. It is just how these teams play.  Josh Allen and the Bills had a better start as they scored in the first and second quarter to get a lead but as expected the Chiefs got into their grove and they scored. From there the teams matched each other. The Defense would have some wins but so would the offense. The Chiefs were never out of it as they kept making plays. There was a miracle play where Travis Kelce caught the pass around the the Bills 20 then threw the ball to KaDarius Toney who ran it in for the touchdown. Unfortunately, there was a flag on the play so it was called back. Mahomes was in the locker room complaining about the call. That sound you hear are Jets fans sucking their collective teeths about the sheer odessey considering the amount of calls the Chiefs get. That play ended up being the difference as the Chiefs couldn’t score to tie or win the game.
Packers v Giants
I don’t follow both teams in enough to make a quality preview. The Giants offensive line and Tommy DeVito will be in for another day of about 4 sacks but lets hope it is 4 and not 8 with another 5 pressures. That will determine how the game goes. Love is going through growing pains so he is having highs and lows. However, he had a good game last game and if he has a good enough game, then the Packers will win because the Packers have the better overall team.
Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney.
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