The New York Yankees Add Alex Verdugo and Juan Soto!

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SPANISH HARLEM – On Tuesday night, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox made news on a trade that saw Alex Verdugo going to Bronx for a tri of pitchers that I care not to google. I know what you’re thinking… don’t they hate each other? Yes, yes they do but it seems that the Red Sox hate Verdugo more. My instant reaction is how, then why? So, let’s start there.

From my slight research into this trade, it seems that Verdugo and manager of the Red Sux, Alex Cora, have had some disagreements. One for not running hard out of the box and another for arriving late to a game. Though Verdugo has claimed some difficult personal issues this past season, it’s hard to say who is right here. I’m sure Cora has his reasons, regardless of what is happening in anyone’s personal life. Verdugo feels he was unjustly called out and would like any issues to be handled privately.

To be honest, one loss could be another’s gain. Aaron Boone is well liked in the clubhouse and if there is one thing we know about Boone, he won’t badmouth his players in public. With that said, Verdugo should be on his best behavior. Hopefully, he can learn from any issues had with Cora and not bring those problems to New York. Verdugo is the type of player and left-handed hitter that the Yankees lacked last season and should help balance the lineup. He doesn’t strike out often and while he doesn’t provide much in the power department, the short leftfield porch should help. What the Yankees need is less strikeouts and more contact, something Verdugo can do.

Buddy Diaz

While I like the trade from afar, I don’t think this will have any impact on the Yankees going after Juan Soto and I was correct. The trade was completed last night and now the Yankees add two lefty bats that they coveted for the lineup. I won’t go into the trade details today and will comment more on this next week. This is a great week to be a Yankees fan and if they add Yoshinobu Yamamoto to the rotation, this offseason could turn out to be a special one.

That’s it for more, come back tomorrow for more content and comment below.

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