Sports Rain Man: Super Bowl Monday, Pro Bowl, WC2026 Schedule

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When Pro Bowls were almost interesting.

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday!! The end of talking about football season is in sight. However, there is one more week Рso I will bravely fight on. The menu for today will be:  Super Bowl Monday, Pro Bowl, #WC2026 Schedule.

Super Bowl Monday

I saw an article in the paper about this move to make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday. There have been several petitions for making the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday. I remember having a normal job and making it in to work on Super Bowl Monday. I asked my boss what the plan for the day was and he said, “Nothing. You made it to work on Super Bowl Monday, so job done.” This will never happen, as it [ironically] seems like too much work. I point everyone to an article/video by Short Matt – almost a decade ago – calling for the Super Bowl to be moved to Saturday. The NFL can even make it a PPV event. People can watch the game on Saturday, party all night and then not worry about the Super Bowl Flu on Monday. The SBF is what HR departments get hit with large amount of people calling in sick on Super Bowl Monday. Make life easier for everyone and move the Super Bowl to Saturday.

#WC2026 Schedule

The 2026 World Cup¬†will be held in North America. Thats right, all of North America. Canada will get a few games, and so too will Mexico. and the lion’s share to the USA. Remember the World Cup will now have 48 teams as FIFA has gotten greedier. So there will be plenty of games to go around. The schedule has been revealed and surprisingly the final will be not in Dallas, the Rose Bowl or Vegas but the Meadowlands. If you think it is worth strolling up and checking out the game, please remember nose bleeds will be $4,500. Only the Olympics are greedier than #FIFA.

Pro Bowl

Junior Blaber

I have no idea what this Pro Bowl is or whatever it has become. If you are wondering why it has become flag football – and a bunch of competitions – see the video below of Sean Taylor playing the Pro Bowl game like it was a real game. We don’t even have the QB accuracy contest or the fastest man sprint. We have some weird catching contest and all events that are much weaker than their MLB and NBA rivals. There is also some thing called kick tac toe and gridiron gauntlet, which looks like it was stolen from American Gladiators. The stadium was full, so I assume tickets were free. Whatever the powers-that-be were thinking, they need to go back to the drawing board.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney, who will likely talk about his great time at the Pro Bowl.

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