Sports Rain Man: NY Jets Free Agency, AD99 Retires, NCAA March Madness

March Madness: Did AD99 find Kate Middleton?!

NIAGARA FALLS, NY Happy St. Paddy’s Day Hangover Day! I couldn’t wait to get into sports talk today. Why? If your wife or partner has followed the RFD (Royal Family Drama), then you know why. You are welcome in advance. Here are the topics for today: NY Jets Free Agency, AD99 Retires, NCAA March Madness.

NY Jets Free Agency

J-E-T-S fans are paying close attention to free agency. Probably closer than ever before, and it is not to do with re-signing the kicker or a back-up CB. The concern is about the offense. The owner, Woody Johnson, stated the problem last season is the team didn’t have a back-up quarterback, a direct insult of Zach Wilson. He wasn’t wrong. So what moves have the Jets made to improve the offense before the draft? The first signing was Baltimore guard John Simpson… They added Tyrod Taylor to backup Aaron Rodgers (remember him), which is huge. It provides a solid backup QB should anything happen to Rodgers. I would still like a Josh Johnson as QB 3; a veteran/competent third QB… Then they traded for RT Morgan Moses, who was a guy they drafted and developed that left for Baltimore. So after getting two lineman from the best regular season team in the AFC last season, they also added Tyron Smith to be the LT… So they revamped the OL and got a back-up QB. The signing of these tackles doesn’t mean they don’t need a tackle for the future. Depth is a concern. However, it does lower the sense of urgency. Now let’s see who they sign in the WR department – or if they turn to a draft.

AD99 Retires

NFL guards, centers and QBs rejoice. In a shock to the NFL Aaron Donald has decided to retire after 10 years. 3X Defensive Player of the Year – tied for most ever with Lawrence Taylor and J.J. Watt. Eight-time first-team All-Pro, tied for most ever among defenders – since the AFL and NFL merged in 1970. (And in far fewer seasons than Hall of Famers Taylor, Bruce Smith or Reggie White). A Pro Bowler in all 10 of his professional campaigns. A Super Bowl champion – one who provided the decisive pressure on the penultimate play against the Cincinnati Bengals two years ago, to secure victory and the Lombardi Trophy. Also, remember when you compare him to Watt, Smith, White and Taylor, those guys were coming from the edge. Donald was in the middle and he always faced a double team because, as Hall of Fame Defensive Tackle Warren Sapp stated, a DT has a direct line to the QB. Donald will of course be a first ballot Hall of Famer. I don’t know who will replace him as the top DT in the league now.

NCAA Basketball Brackets

Junior Blaber

I can’t tell you how little attention I pay to college basketball these days. That doesn’t mean I won’t be playing the men’s bracket challenge at the office. I have yet to see a women’s bracket, but I will do one online. This is the best part of college basketball – we all know it. I don’t watch regular season games and I have no idea who is the best college player at this point. I do know I will research and fill out my bracket and sound like a guy who watches college basketball all the time.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Where’s Waldo Fan Club VP,  Ben Whitney.

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