Big Ben Tuesday: Rangers and Knicks Win Game 4s, Giants and Jets Knee-Jerk Draft Reactions

Stamford, CT: I’m fired up after a fun sports weekend. A certain angry fella thinks the fans of Rangers and Knicks should “pump the brakes” because there’s a long way to go. Hey pump this, guy! Let’s go. I also have some knee-jerk thoughts on the drafts of the Giants and Jets. 

We’ll start on the court.

Tom E Thibodeau, Super Genius

The Knicks pulled off a fantastic win on Sunday, propelled by Jalen Brunson and some ferocious fourth quarter defense on Embiid. Give some credit to Tom Thibs, whose end-game strategy worked brilliantly.

When Hartenstein picked up his fourth foul in the third quarter, I couldn’t believe they were leaving him in. When he immediately picked up his fifth, I was beside myself. Hartenstein was gonna need a rest at some point, why not before he picked up the fifth?

But maybe, just maybe, Thibs wanted to ride Isaiah and delay revealing the fourth quarter double team strategy as long as he could.

Achiuwa came into the game and never left. OG, Precious, and the rest of the Knicks attacked Embiid, forced the ball out of his hands, and turned him into a fat, failing buffoon only looking to get to the foul line. And “accidentally” falling on Knicks’ players limbs with his 400 pound frame. The clumsy turd hit exactly zero field goals in the quarter. Embiid lamenting the Knicks’ fans take over of his home court and serenading Brunson with “MVP” chants was a beautiful moment.

Whether the fourth quarter defense was a brilliant strategy or a happy accident, it worked to perfection. Great win, and the Knicks have a chance to close it out tonight.

To the ice…

Daniel Jones just doesn’t fit with the Knicks. How ’bout the Jints?

A Tidy Sweep, ‘Canes Loom

The Rangers neatly took care of the Capitals in four games and saved some grind for the battles to come. The four best teams in the East – Panthers, Canes, Bruins, and Rangers – appear poised to move on and then the playoffs can really begin.

The Rangers ain’t perfect, but Igor and stellar special teams play cover up some of the warts. They’re gonna need to crank it up a notch in the next series.

The Hurricanes were dominant in the second half, and the addition of Jake Guentzel is looking like it could be transcendent. The Canes currently have the best odds to lift the Cup. This will be a tall task for our boys in blue.

On to the gridiron…

Giants and Jets Get Some New Guys, Knee-Jerk Reactions

I’m no draft expert, but my knees are feeling twitchy. Let’s get to jerking!

If the Giants didn’t love JJ McCarthy, I guess they did the right thing in picking the explosive Nabers and not forcing a QB. The last thing they need is another crappy QB in a room full of them. But McCarthy landed in a good situation in Minnesota with a chance to make the Giants look dumb for passing.

Otherwise, it looks like a solid draft for the Giants on paper. They seem to have gotten decent value at positions of need with their limited number of picks. They didn’t address the trenches though, which doesn’t seem wise when both lines stunk last year. Apparently their strategy was to fortify those groups with undrafted free agents. Sound.

I like what the Jets did in focusing on the offense. They added a top lineman to protect Rodgers, a slot weapon to take pressure off Wilson, and a big back to spell Breece.

Meet the YAC God

Malachi Corley is known as the “YAC God” for his ability to make things happen with the ball in his hands. He can work the middle of the field to open things up on the outside, and they can use him on sweeps and bubble screens. The new O-Coordinator should be able to do some damage with a decent depot of weapons.

What’s that? Hackett is still there? Well then…

I don’t know about doubling up on RBs though, especially when solid veterans depth backs are pretty easy to come by. It seems like fortifying another position would have made more sense.

That’s my time. Come back tomorrow if you want to Pump the Brakes with Angry Buzzkill.

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