Big Ben Tuesday: Dominant Weekend By Soto Arouses Yankees’ Fans

STAMFORD, CT – Big off-season acquisitions don’t always live up to the hype. Yankees’ fans were obviously pumped about Juan Soto, but with the possibility of losing him after one season, combined with Gerrit Cole’s injury, optimism was tempered. But after this weekend, tempered is out the window. Soto’s dominant series made me feel like an 18-year old in bed with Jenny Mendelbaum. My arousal status rose with each moment/game.

Game 1

It was a rough start as the Yanks were down by 4 after 2 innings and were grounding into inning ending double plays to end potential rallies.

A Soto RBI single started the comeback. Soto gunning out Dubon at the plate in the ninth finished it.

Soto stats: 1 for 3, 2 BBs, 1 loud assist at home.

Arousal status: Is this really happening?

Game 2

After falling behind again in the first, the Yanks exploded for 7 in the last three innings for the 7 to 1 win. The Bombers took advantage of some bad Houston defense and mediocre relief pitching to blow it open.

Soto’s fingerprint were all over this one. His bases loaded walk gave the Yankees their second run and proved to be the winning run.

Soto stats: 3 for 4, BB, GW RBI.

Arousal status: pinstriped eggplant rising.

Game 3

The Yankees trailed early again after giving up 2 in the second. But the Yankees came back against the Houston bullpen again.

Soto’s opposite field homer in the 7th broke a 3-3 tie and was the winning run.

Soto stats: 2 for 5, HR, GW RBI, 2 runs.

Arousal level: rocket launch imminent.

Game 4

The Yankees gave up a 3 to 1 lead in this one. But our hero won it in the ninth with an opposite field RBI single over nasty lefty closer, and last season’s teammate, Josh Hader.

Soto stats: 3 for 5, GW RBI.

Arousal level: Mount Vesuvius is erupting!


The weekend could not have gone better for Soto and the Yanks. There was a lot to like from the rest of the team, but right now I only have eyes for Soto. He was as good as advertised and was right in the middle of all four Yankees‘ wins. Let’s go.

His elite plate discipline was on full display. The man does not seem to swing at balls. The umpired almost seemed to be deferring to him by the end. Well, he didn’t swing so it must have been a ball.

His energy was infectious and his teammates were effusive. Oswaldo Cabrera credited watching Soto as a big factor in his hot start. Marcus Stroman said Soto is a player he’ll tell his grandkids about. We’re 4 games in people.

Hal must have been reaching for the checkbook on Monday morning. What’s it gonna take, kid? Soto is gonna be fun to watch, that’s for sure

Series: 9 for 17, 4 BBs, 1 HR, 4 RBI (3 GW), 2 Runs, and 1 assist.

Welcome to New York. Wow.

That’s it for me and my #SotoBoner. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward.

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