The Good and Bad Things to Notice to Start the Yankees Season (Mostly Good)

It's not like this for the Yankees this year (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Yankees started the season with 5 straight wins before losing on Tuesday night in Arizona. It sucks to lose but nothing feels better than sweeping the Houston AstrosIN Houston, with Juan Soto showing the damage he can do in this new revamped Yankees line-up. The beginning of the season could not have gone any better but it’s time to discuss the two things – one good and one bad – that caught my eye to start the year.


It’s no denying that Juan Soto has made a major impact on the Yankees so far. He never gives away an at bat, and while the organization preaches patience, this season it feels different. Up and down the line up guys are taking more pitches and making pitchers throw a lot. Whether that is watching Soto or the players really focusing on this in the off-season, it sure helps to have someone like him in the top of the order to show how it’s done.


Buddy Diaz

We all know that Gerrit Cole is out for the first couple of months of the season. And it will take time to see how this group can step up in his absence. You hope for the best while he is gone but it’s easy to be scared at this point. We don’t know what will happen between now and when Cole returns but you won’t have too many fans with the upmost confidence. Three of the 4 wins in Houston were of the comeback variety and while the bullpen was clutch, it won’t always be that way. Its early and pitch counts are still in effect, but you want to see easier innings being pitched by the starters.

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