Sports Rain Man: Clark’s Olympic Snub, USA Soccer Sucks vs Colombia, T20 Cricket World Cup

Monank Patel, Gregg Berhalter, Caitlin Clark and... Brian Cashman?

NIAGARA FALLS, NY Happy Monday! .I don’t know how many hits today’s piece will get. WARNING:  We will be talking about Women’s Basketball, Soccer and Cricket. However, all of this is big news in some sectors of the sports world and I wouldn’t be the Rain Man, if I didn’t provide you with lots of good information about trivial sports. With that, let’s look at today’s menu: Clark’s Olympic Snub, USA Soccer Sucks vs Colombia, T20 Cricket World Cup.

Caitlin Clark’s Olympic Snub

Caitlin was left out of the USA Olympic team roster. The have been a lot of stupid takes on why the team should take her. There have also been takes about how personal response to her coach and her public response to reporters. There are too many dudes who have never watched women’s basketball thinking they know what’s up. First up, The Olympic team has never taken a rookie and have won the gold every time since 1996. They legitimately don’t need her.   Secondly, they are asking the WNBA to do things they wouldn’t ask the NBA. No one said the NBA should roll the red carpet out for Bird and Magic but now they are asking fierce competitors to not play hard against a player.  She has to go out and earn her respect. Drop 30 a game, avg 30-7-3 for the season. She has not earned the status in the pros, she got in college.

USA Soccer Sucks vs Colombia

The USA had a bad loss to Colombia, final score 5-1. I am not gonna into the specifics of the loss because I want to talk about what the loss symbolizes. #FIFA got greedy. That greed created the Nations League deprived the US of important test friendlies against better nations. The Nations League turned the friendlies that occurred against other teams during the international window into matches that count for something. This meant that the USA got fewe matches against Holland and more against Honduras. At the same time, FIFA cancelled the Confederations Cup. That was the one where the winners of comps like the Euros played the Copa America winner. They have 7 draws and 5 losses. My fear with the US involved in Copa America has always been that passion to beat the USA with the skill to do so would be a problem. We will see how the team and best manager [we could find and sign] following the World Cup, does. Insert the whole “knock-down, get up” quote/cliche here.

T20 Cricket World Cup

Junior Blaber

There are three forms of cricket:
-A test match that lasts 5 days
-One day internationals
-The newest version is T20, which is the game shortened to be about the length of a baseball game – about 3.5 hours. This version is like the 7s version of #Rugby.

Well, they are having a T-20 World Cup and it is being hosted by the USA. There are games in NY, Texas and California. In Texas, we saw one of the biggest upsets ever, as the USA beat Pakistan in the Super Over – basically extra innings. It was the largest upset in the history of T20. The USA had earlier beaten Canada, who flexed their might by beating Ireland in their second match. As it gets to the knock-out rounds, I will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from the Ben Whitney, who will scouting the cricket players for the Yankees.

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