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Big Ben Tuesday: Terrible Dad Jokes, Some Gerrit Cole In your Stocking

December 10, 2019 Ben Whitney 0

STAMFORD, CT – My twin daughters turn 3 today! Thank you very much. Everyone says it goes by fast, but if you ask me it’s […]

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Mets, Jacob_deGromb, San_Jose_Sharks, Golden_Knights, Meet_The_Matts, DH

Jacob deGromb, Bring the DH to the NL and NHL Playoffs Hot Stuff

May 4, 2018 Different Matt 0

NEW YORK, NY – The Mets and their fans got some good news about one of their ace pitchers. Jacob deGrom doesn’t have any ligament […]

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Sorry, But Mets Suck. So Does Crybaby Arte Moreno

April 13, 2015 Fake Sandy Alderson 25

LONG ISLAND, NY – crybaby What am I supposed to do? I’ve been rooting for this wretched team since celebrating the 1969 World Series victory […]

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Angry Ward Wednesday: The Mets, The Donald and Pod Versus Post

April 16, 2014 Angry Ward 36

NEW YORK, NY – Knocking this one out on a dark and stormy Tuesday night. I’ll spare you all of the Agatha Christie particulars. Let’s […]

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Odd Happenings In Sports: Drew Brees, Jeremy Lin, Ben Sheets, Joe Paterno

July 16, 2012 West Coast Craig 25

SAN DIEGO, CA – The San Diego Convention Center just wrapped up Comic Con 2012, over 150,000 nerds and studio types converged to keep this […]

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November 5, 2009 Yankee Joe 52

“If I told you once, I told you 27 times… WORLD BLEEPIN’ CHAMPIONS!” by Yankee Joe (Yankee Fan) BRONX, NY – From Day 1 this […]

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