Cookie’s Corner: Celeb and Sports Whys of the Week

WHYS Kevin YoukilisNEW YORK, NY – Happy Friday to you! I’m glad to see this week kicked as it’s been a pretty sh*tty one for Team Cookie. We reached fever pitch yesterday with Mr. Cookie smacking up the car to the tune of $2300 (he failed to get the the truck’s info, so we’re eating a nice big deductible). Today I’ll be driving 2 1/2 hours to Boston, leave the Mini Cookies with my cousins and then drive another three to four hours to Maine to a wedding where I’ll know no one except my spouse. Watch… the vodka at the wedding will be rot gut stuff too. Just my luck.

So you see, this week was FULL of things that made one wonder WHY?! and instead of giving you my usual take on things, I’ll leave it to you all to fill in the WHY?! with your two-cents.  Here we go with the Celeb and Sports Whys of the Week:

The Circle of Life:  Life starts and life ends. My Bubbe Cookie always said “People die because we gotta make room for the others who are coming into the world.” Sounded prolific enough, but was turned on it’s ear this week when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed a female offspring and then… James Gandolfini bit it. WHY?!

Youk Makin’ Me Puke: It’s NO secret that I can’t STAND Kevin Youkilis and was really pushed to the edge when he suited up for the Yankees. And now… he’s out again for 10-12 weeks with a herniated disk that will require surgery. I mean, it’s BAD enough the Yankees make some bad deals… but I’d rather see the guy on the field.. than flat on his back.  WHY?

Stick Of Butter… Sticking one in Paula Deen’s fat mouth might solve some problems. The lady who starts every recipe with a stick of buttah, Ms. Paula “Of-Course-My-Diabetes-Isn’t-Related-to-My-Fatitude” Deen, has coddled her fame egg again by making racist remarks and not even denying them. She’s worth over $16 Million for recipes, some of which I’m sure jgclancy can’t even stand behind. Yet, she’s still getting paid large and she’s in the public eye. WHY?!

Speaking of too much butter…

LiLo and Amanda: This past week… no news on either of my favorite celeb, little, firecracker trouble-makers. NADA. I just looked up the LONG awaited release date for Lindsay Lohan’s  The Canyons, and all we got is limited release on August 2nd and wider release on August 9th.  We got a new Superman movie, The Man of Steel, that’s been getting lackluster reviews and Fast and Furious 6  and NuTHIN but more waiting on this LiLo soft porn movie?  I think Cheesy Bruin will agree with me that this is an outrage and leaves us asking, WHY?!

And with that.. I’m outta here and hoping the weekend brings good stuff that we’re not askin’ WHY?! about. Come back tomorrow for someone who might have some more answers in Preacher’s Row.

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