Nadal’s French Whines, Mets Go Fishin’ & Citi Bike Mike [Bloomberg]

Miam Marlins Mermaids Meet_The_Matts

Miami Beach, FL – It’s a scorching 92 degrees in NYC, but a nice 82 in Miami at the time of this publishing. Speaking of scorching…the NY Mets brought a 5-game winning streak to the beach here, looking to catch some Marlin’s (or Mermaids?!) this weekend for a 3-game series. The Miami Marlins have been having a banner year, standing at (14-41 after the Mets cured their 9-game losing streak) sitting at the bottom of the ocean… um, league. Hey, not too long ago the Mets were right there with ’em before the Stankees’ epic collapse in a Subway Series that ranked #3 in rivalry series attendance last week. Believe it or not LA topped the week with the Dodgers/Angels series with over 44K in average attendance. The Mets/Yankees only had a little over 38K.

Nadals French Whines Meet_The_MattsThese exciting statistics aside, let’s take a look at the wonderful world of Grand Slam Tennis. Not to be confused with IHOP’s bountiful array of breakfast choices (yes I am under contract with them), the French Open is well under way and defending champ Rafael Nadal is up in arms over how much TV his opponents get to watch, seriously, here’s what he had to say after advancing to the 3rd round knocking off Martin Klizan:

“That’s not fair. Today I was playing almost three hours on court, and my (next) opponent was watching the TV in the locker room.”

There you have it folks, a world champion indeed concerned about how much Fraggle Rock and Bay Watch (see my previous article) his next opponent – Fabio Fagnini – gets to watch.

Mikes Bikes Bloomberg Meet_The_MattsLastly, we turn to the latest travesty in New York City…the new Citi Bike program. Or should we say ‘Citi Mike’ since its Michael Bloomberg’s newest “pet project” in transforming Manhattan into a wonderland of bike paths, green areas, and Big Gulp free zones. That’s right, now dotting the Manhattan traffic-jammed mid-town are a bunch of Citi Bike docking stations ready for anyone to be their new walking, er riding, billboard around the City. Nice. And I just heard that the first arrest was made for stealing one. Welcome to New York City. *wink *wink.

That’s all for Preacher’s Row for now…be kind, be safe and please come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin.

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