Supermoon: Clippers Trade For Doc, Polish Brewers, Dodgers Kill NFL in LA, AL Least

HOLLYWOOD, CA SuperMoon_zpsd10d440dWith the moon as close to the earth as it’ll be for a while, surf patterns are skewed, traffic patterns are strange, and all the crazies seem to come out at once. Strange things happen on full moons any way, but during a Super Moon? All bets are off.

The Clippers trade away a first round pick for…a coach? Sleepy-eyed Doc Rivers goes coast to coast to try and take the Clips to the next level–losing in an NBA Finals–while escaping a Boston team that’s about to endure some lowly rebuilding years. A coveted first round pick seems like a stiff price, but Los Angeles has become Boston’s go-to client for salary dump deals, starting with last year’s A-Gon, Crawford, and Beckett mercy swap (somewhere Nick Punto is jumping up and down and saying “me too!”). Actually, it may have started a decade ago when the Hub dumped the demonic Frank McCourt on the City of Angels. Did you know that McCourt still owns a piece of the land immediately surrounding Dodger Stadium? It seemed like a crappy deal at the time, and even crappier now when Elysian Park once again found itself in the NFL conversation…and almost as quickly left it when the NFL found out McCourt’s poisonous touch would be involved. Even when he’s out he keeps pulling this city back in!

Look what I almost stepped in...
Look what I almost stepped in…

Polish uniforms…were worn in Milwaukee for Polish Heritage Day. The joke was on the Brewers, or the Piwowarzi (woo-woo), who got beat by the Braves. I don’t even know what I mean by that. Are Polish jokes still a thing? Did they stem out of some strange Bohunk prejudice at the turn of the century, and linger well into the 90s? And if so, how come there are no Fighting Pollacks college teams out there?

Not so Braves? Speaking of the Braves, when they arrived in Milwaukee and checked into the Pfister Hotel as most visiting ball clubs do, apparently Jason Heyward and the Upton brothers opted to stay elsewhere rather than deal with the apparent ghosts that haunt the joint. Recently Bryce Harper relayed a story about laying out his clothes before going to bed there recently then waking up to find them on the floor and the bench they were on pushed across the room. Now whether there are some haints in the hotel or not, mostly I’m struck that Harper lays out his clothes before going to bed. As for Heyward and the Uptons, I see the next Paranormal Activity movie.

AL Beast…With the Blue Jays proving the old adage that if you win eleven in a row, you’re bound to move up some games in the division, everyone in the American League East is over .500, and they may just stay that way most of the rest of the year. The Orioles aren’t going anywhere, the Rays have the good young pitching to keep them in there until they start hitting, I don’t know how the Red Sox are staying on top like they have, and Toronto’s off season spree seems to be paying off for the moment. It’s actually been nice watching the Yanks doing better than just treading water in the middle of the division, as everyone seems to be playing hard. Will the eventual return of all the injured Yankees actually help them?

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