Blaber’s Blabberings: Baseball woes, Detroit Fire Sale, Ryan Braun, Sandlot 20th, Pedoria

Detroit Fire Sale?

New York, NY – Following Baseball’s All-Star break, we have the city of Detroit filing for Bankruptcy, Ryan Braun being busted, The Sandlot turning 20 and Dustin Pedoria going for $100M.  It is fitting that today’s piece is a pitch hit job, in line with the baseball theme. I don’t love baseball as much as I did when I was a kid. I guess life and rugby have gotten in the way but I am still here for Angry Ward, Short Matt and the Mattites (MtM fans).

Now batting... Blaber....

Detroit goes Broke: When we say broke, we don’t mean the kind where you can still pay bills but no money for food. We mean about to be evicted broke. Detroit use to have 2 Million people living there. Now it is barely 750,000 and they city has filed for bankruptcy. Where have they gone? They have moved to the suburbs of Birmingham and Auburn Hills, so the city has no money. My question is can the Detroit teams have a fire sale to help out the city. I mean Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers could really help the city pay for some of its dilapidated buildings. Although the loss of Fielder would hurt the dining industry. The could declare eminent domain and take over the Lions and see what they can get for Charles Johnson and Matt Stafford. Trade a Detroit Piston or two and get the roads fixed. The could really rake it in if they sell the Hockeytown, USA name. You may say that might hurt tourism but name the last time you heard of someone going to Detroit on vacation? Even Motown records left years ago and hasn’t looked back. Will the last person to leave Detroit, please turn off the lights.

ryan braunRyan Braun: This guy reminds me of my buddy that got caught cheating on his girlfriend. At some point you lose track of the lies and keep telling lie after the lie. The hope is to beat them with enough plausible lies that they give up. Sorry dude, American sports media is a jealous girlfriend and they won’t stop until you admit it, she wants the confusion. Baseball loves its stats more than a Kennedy loves happy hour. Just say you did it and serve out your time already, so we can catch the next guy lying about cheating. Cough, Pujouls.

Sandlot1The Sandlot: The greatest childhood baseball movie ever, turned 20 this past weekend. It is better than the Bad News Bears and more in tune with the beauty of the game than Field of Dreams. They are apparently doing a tour of little league games across the country to let this new generation know about this great flick. Unfortunately Benjamin Franklin “The Jet” Rodriguez, is too busy being a firefighter to make most of the stops, which is a shame. Click Here to see some of the actors, then and now.

pedroia-canoDustin Pedoria: Yankee Joe, Diff, Cookie and Mets Suck, the unholy axis of Yankee jerks (to put it mildly), can you answer this for me? If Dustin Pedoria is going to sign for 100 mill for 7 years to “Da Sawx,” How much should Robbie Cano get? I mean Pedoria is giving Boston a hometown discount but will Cano? Cano is represented by the Boras Corporation (a division of Satan’s Spawn industries), so that is unlikely. I am all for Pedoria getting this contract and cutting the club that gave him a chance a break. He is worth the contract and is as good as Cano. I am gonna take a shot in the dark and say, that Cano will be a jerk in the negotiations. And I will be right.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for more blabberings from Lori Levine or maybe Cam James.

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