Cookie’s Corner: Suffering The Heat, Golf & No Baseball

Suffering The Heat, Golf & No Baseball

NEW YORK, NYHappy Friday! If you live in the Northeast and have survived this week, BRAVO!!! We’re all surely a few pounds lighter for the sauna-like weather we’ve endured – Suffering The Heat, Golf & No Baseball. And this past week has brought out a GLUT of suffering for us all. Lets review:

All-Star Break: It sucked. It sucked every year. It sucked more this year. Between the NL winning (I nearly kept a straight face as though writing that bummed me out) and the Home Run Derby – which I refuse to watch. THANKS Chris Berman. This week in baseball was dead to me.  At least Mariano Rivera took the mound – albeit for the last time in an All Star Game… ever.  And nah, that shouldn’t have choked anyone up because it’s just a silly All Star Game that means nothing…but it did remind us all that soon…Mariano WILL take the mound for the last time, ever… as a Yankee, as a baseball player… period. Say what you will Angry Ward, but that is the best closer of all time. Respect due…respect given. It was a nice moment.

The Open: People are playing golf. Tiger Woods is playing golf. For those of you who care about golf… my apologies. I once watched some of The Open when it took place several years ago at Shinnecock What-Have-You in Southampton, NY. We walked around for hours in the heat, watching Veejay Singh and Tiger Woods chase behind a golf ball (Tiger was terrible at the time. Slumping. Must’ve been a Hooter’s girl drought). If there’s anything more boring than watching golf on TV.. it’s watching it in person. If you’re not moving slow enough already from the heat…watch golf.

THE TOUR DE FRANCE IS ON YOU IDIOTS!!!!!  What the F*CK is WRONG with you people?!?!  Wanna see something exciting? Athletic? Turn on some Tour de France. Currently they’re in the mountain stages of the tour, the most exciting part (the likes of West Coast Craig and Cam James will agree with me as they know the effort it takes to slug up a mountain on a bike). And mind you.. the tour leader, Brit Chris Froome had a lead that was narrowed through the mountains, only to open it up in a spectacular stage thru Mount Ventoux in a dogfight with Spaniard, Alberto Contador. a twenty-three year old Columbian Movistar’s Quintana Rojas (this kid can climb and will be on to watch in years to come). Froome is now being dogged by doping questions by the media…making things only hotter. And if you STILL think cycling is boring… give me 1:30 and watch this, one of my all-time favorite riders and videos of The Human Missile, Mark Cavendish.  (And if you really don’t have that long.. start at 1:00 where you can watch it from the overhead in slow-mo.)

twinkie04The Cheap Seats: This Sunday, I got to take my mini Cookies to the Yankee game. While we were in a corporate suite, we were WAY in the outfield, so it was a bit hard for my brood to get into the game. Still, the ability to go inside and enjoy free eats and air conditioning was the way to go on a day like Sunday. I was at the game… so how’s this suffering…right?!?!  Well it WAS. Yanks got trounced 10-4 by the Minnesota Twinkies.  Not so sweet.

Stay cool, fools. And come on back tomorrow for some Preacher’s Row Tom Foolery!

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