It’s the Name Game: Our Phone-In All Star Game

Stan Sitwell is a good name.
Stan Sitwell is a good name.

HOLLYWOOD, CABrrrrnng, brrrrrrnng…who’s calling? Me, phoning in this piece? Yes! Because the votes are in on the annual Phone-In All Star Name Game and we’ve got perhaps our strongest field yet! First up, we’ve got the…

Write In Winner: Yasiel Puig. Few names are as fun to say as “Pweeg,” and they lend themselves to instant catchphrases like “Bay of Puigs,” “MVPuig,” and “That’ll do, Puig.”

Catcher: There’s a Posey and a Flowers; and if you say “steak” with a lisp (go ahead!), you could be the Cubs’ Welington Castillo; but the winner goes way back to classic English Lit for San Diego’s Yasmani Grandal, a real monster still waiting for his Beowulf.

First Base:  The Bucs’ Gaby Sanchez moonlights as a western coot; and while the alliteration of the Braves’ Freddie Freeman is nice, it’s just a little too Amish sounding: better to go with Brandon Belt, without whom the Giants’ pants would fall down, which would make the ass-kickings they’ve been getting recently sting even worse.

Second Base:  The perennial spot for the Cubs’ Darwin Barney, there are some newcomers like the Mets’ pinch hitting extraordinaire Jordany Valdespin, which sounds like the most vomit-inducing street carnival ride; and Texas’ Jurickson Profar, whose name is the answer to the question “How far you gonna go playing baseball?”

Shortstop:  Special props to Toronto’s favorite Japanese import Munenori Kawasaki, but you can go a long time before finding a gem of a name like the D-Backs’ Didi Gregorius, who joins the famous Didis in history like Conn, Bridgewater, and Ramone.

Third Base:  It’s a category that includes Trevor Plouffe, but even though he’s on the DL there’s no way the fans weren’t going to vote in the Padres’ Jedd Gyorko.

Outfield:  There are some unfortunate names here (see Gyorko above), and ranking right up at the top is the Cubs’ recent call-up Brian Bogusevic, and leaving him off the list would’ve been totally bogusevic.  The Miami Marlins may be a bad team, but if you like the way some Latin names just roll dramatically off the tongue, they’ve got a lyrical sounding trio patrolling the outfield in Juan Pierre, Giancarlo Stanton, and Marcell Ozuna….while Minnesota has a more American brand of hillbilly names like Clete Thomas, Aaron Hicks, and Oswaldo Arcia.  I guess that last falls into the Latino Hillbilly category…

...Lyle Overbegley Jr.
Lyle Overbegley Jr.

I don’t have any Yankees on this list yet, but they’ve got a good one here in sparkplug stopgap Zoilo Almonte… Lyle Overbay, you say?   Sure it’s kind of WASPy sounding, or like a bus stop lawyer, but the reason I’m compelled to mention him is because damn if he doesn’t look a little like Ed Begley Jr.  And that makes my new nickname for him, which does make the list…

Fake Sandy Alderson, tomorrow.

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