When It Comes To PED Use, Fans Are Guilty

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When It Comes To PED Use, Fans Are Guilty

MILWAUKEE, WI – As far as Performance Enhancing Drugs go, we’ve been ignoring the 800 lb gorilla in the room – or at the stadium – John Q. Fan. That’s right, were all complicit. Face it, when your team is winning and your guy is hitting monster homers or racking up Ks on the hill, you wouldn’t care if we was an ax murderer on the side.

When Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were bringing Baseball back from the dead after greed nearly killed the game, we all knew they looked more like William Romanowski than William Clark. In New York, where we like to consider ourselves “street smart,” only the most naive among us would think that Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens, lead actors in the MLB mini series, Broken Bat, weren’t both [allegedly] juicing… billromanowskiYes, we’re placing Saint Mike in that dark circle.

Does anyone remember a guy named Lenny Dykstra? He was a skinny, short, speedy singles hitter with some pop for kid that size. He hit a couple of HUGE homers in the Mets’ ’86 run – with skinny arms. But he came back the next year with 25 lbs of muscle on him. We all winked, snickered and COULDN’T WAIT to see him hit. But the Mets then inexplicably sent him and his guns to Philly with Roger McDowell for Juan Samuel and a case of Rolaids. Davey Johnson, who engineered the trade was maligned over and over again, said:

Lenny wants to be a home run hitter now.

will-clarkLittle did we know that Davey was taking the last/only PED bullet that any MLB official would take in the fight against PEDs… until now. And those that have done it now have done it at a snail’s pace, kicking and screaming after Congress, of all things, got involved.

So, look yourselves in the mirror Brewers and Yankees fans. For When It Comes To PED Use, Fans Are Guilty.

DJ Eberle, a mountain of a man who doesn’t need PEDs to run over all of us, tomorrow.


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