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cheerleaders-tampa-bay-buccaneers_lightbox_diaposTAMPA BAY, FL – Long before being annually snubbed by the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame, Steve Miller was singing Fly Like An Eagle. Part of that song is, “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, into the future.” With the dawn of another NFL season on the horizon, comes today’s attention to what Las Vegas calls “future” bets involving NFL Win Totals. In order of confidence, the over/under win total selections are…

San Diego (O/U 7 1/2) With JG Clancy rumored to be on his way to Ess Dee, and the Chargers losing wide receivers like Rex Ryan is dropping lbs,  our Rev. Yim is in line for a walk-on tryout with the team. And since the Bolts lack anything resembling a running game, all that’s left for Phillip Rivers to do is throw to is an aging Antonio Gates. The defense held their own last year but Cat-fished ILB Manti Te’o will be asked to contribute right away and he too, is nicked up. The Bolts play the always formidable NFC East and meh, AFC South to balance things out schedule-wise. Add it all up and San Diego doesn’t sniff 7 1/2 winsUNDER

Tampa Bay (7 1/2) Last year the Bucs lost five of their last six games ending what was a tumultuous seven win campaign. Amid “playing to the final whistle” on the defensive side of victory formation and an abrasiveness with his own players, Greg Schiano’s team found its way to rolling a seven for the year. A glaring need in the secondary was filled by adding Darrelle Revis and is worth two extra W’s should the shutdown corner stay healthy. A steady and consistent offense led by The Pocket Hamster, RB Doug Martin gets this team to the winning threshold of eight wins… OVER

rex-ryan-tattoo Meet_The_MattsIndianapolis (8 1/2)  Everything went this team’s way last year, from winning every buzzer-beater to riding the emotion of an embattled Head Coach Chuck Pagano’s cancer struggles.  Andrew Luck didn’t play like an NFL freshman signal – caller even without a running to speak of.  Gone is interim coach and QB guru Bruce Arians to Arizona and so does any chance of the Colts coming near their eleven wins a year ago.  Vegas senses the same by setting the total a full 2 1/2 victories shy of last year’s mark.  The AFC North plays a grueling travel schedule and the miles and fatigue add up with games versus the AFC and NFC West division teams.  Things even out this year… UNDER

Cheesy Bruin
Cheesy Bruin

Dallas (8 1/2)  I already sense Short Matt and others calling me a homer for this one, but ask Angry Ward and he’ll tell you of my objectivity in assessing my favorite team.  Talking of a Rob Ryan defense that simply sucked – leading to his dismissal – and the hiring of venerable genius Monte Kiffin in the off-season, gets them off the plane of what seems like an 8-8 record every year.  Dez Bryant and Tony Romo will play catch all day against the AFC West teams and the two wins against the Giants is enough to get them to nineOVER

DJ Eberle, who is in two-a-days as an offensive lineman Western New England Universtiy, tomorrow.

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