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mariano rivera with Bible Meet_The_MattEL BARIO, BRONX – “Do this in remembrance of me” – Luke 22:19/1 Corinthians 11:24.  It’s a good opening since yours truly is covering for Preacher Collins and most of the talk this week is about remembering. Too much remembering actually… there is still plenty of real stuff happening.

All this week has been about Mariano “Mo” Rivera. Can this pinstripe devout Christian not leave the stage quietly and humbly? Nope – he cannot! The reason? Well, he works for Satan’s favorite team; the Yankees. In this overly grandiose, week-long send off party, we have had game openings delayed, heavy metal band perform live, more tears shed than a group of women watching Dirty Dancing. Not to mention the flagrant disregard for MLB rules! As Short Matt pointed out yesterday, only the coach – not a player – calls for a pitching change. And certainly  not two! So, there was that, then a Lap of Honor – while the game is going on!?! C’mon, Man! The Orioles only stopped the show for 10 minutes tops for Cal Ripken. Mo Rivera, poor starting pitcher turned closer, had a great run. The end… The game existed before and will continue to after.

Let’s also not lose sight of the fact that the Yanks have used Mo to cover-up a dreadful season and that they will finish 4th while the Mets finish 3rd. Great smoke screen… Yankee fans need to remember that the Jeter, Williams, Rivera trivumiate were created through a lean 80s and early 90s. Time to go back to sucking for 5 years and get good picks and develop the farm system. Do not under any circumstance give Robbie Cano, 305 for 10 yrs! Anyway, whatever, Let’s go Mets!!

Brooklyn vs Manhattan

The Mets v Yankees is an interesting NYC rivalry but the Mets will always be the step-child to the Yankees in this city because the Bronx beats Queens all day! The new rivalry, though, pits Brooklyn vs Manhattan.

Brooklyn has the Nets with Jason Kidd as coach and 2/3rds of the Big 3 in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce… They are getting the Islanders, who are playing some games there now, but will officially move in, in 2015. They have, um… lots of draft picks that have to get good sometime!?

Manhattan has the Knicks coming off a 2nd rd playoff exit and back-t0-back playoff appearances for the first time since the 90s. The Rangers are coming of finals and semi-final appearances, trying to undo the burnout caused by John Tortella with Alain Viganault and just signed Derek Stepan, who teammate Rick Nash considers a top flight center (bartender, I’ll have what he’s having. Actually make it a double). The Nets and Islanders are fitting for Brooklyn. They are not original products created there, just a bunch of transplants and hipsters raising the cost of living and acting like they been there since day one and are making things awesome cause they are Brooklyn. They don’t know the Brooklyn that use to make hardcore thugs from other boroughs nervous. Manhattan wins because it will take those transplants a long time to be considered original and authentic.

Yankee Fan
Yankee Fan

Speaking of taking a long time, how long will it take for the Rams to get good again!?! Sorry Cam but wow you guys are bad! The Niners owned you! I think Harbaugh decided to put in Kendall Hunter and took out Frank Gore because he pitied the fans. It was like Alabama vs Troy State bad. I wish there was a 2nd tier in the NFL full of pro-teams in Triple A style sports cities like Columbus, San Antonio and Las Vegas, like in rugby. This way teams that stink it up are gone at the end of the season and we can finally get L.A. an NFL team.

What I want to do to all of baseball not just the fans
What I want to do to all of Baseball; not just the fans

Finally, at the last MTM Writers’ Meeting, Angry Ward, flanked by Cheesy Bruin and Cookie, threatened to take it up with Management if I mentioned anything soccer one more time. So… soccer, soccer, soccer!  There. But I don’t have any real soccer news, so I’ll drop it there.

Anyway, I was told write about baseball. But all I know is the Mets are in third. I have no knowledge of the playoffs or the Wild Card race. I really don’t care unless the Mets are involved. Like this column, the baseball season is way too long. We don’t need to be talking about some Old Mo in football season.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for more blabberings from Cheesy Bruin.

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