Olberboob??? Keith Olbermann, The Navy and the Washington Nationals

olbermann nats navy hats Meet_The_MattsST LOUIS, MO – Every year in September, the NFL bursts on the scene like that bombshell blond that is new in town on the first day of high school.  Everyone bends over backwards to do things as meaningless as breathe the same air, sit in the same room and maybe even get lucky enough to be chemistry partners when it comes time to dissect a frog.  All the while, the Freddie Prinze Jr. has been taking the chick that no one was talking about and turning her into the Homecoming Queen (the plot of the movie She’s All That).

Right now, MLB is that Homecoming Queen.  Everyone loves the playoffs but no one wants to talk pennant races anymore.  Unfortunately, the reality soap opera that is the NFL, overshadows September baseball in a similar fashion – to the debut of something as grotesque as Honey Boo Boo – stealing ratings from well…anything targeted at an audience with an IQ above toddler.    That said, I would gladly watch Honey Boo Boo over the hyperbolic, banal pile of feces that Kieth Olbermann has concocted on ESPN2.

See, I started writing this post it was intended to be about baseball pennant races.  I can’t do that anymore.  I need to write about what a sniveling boob Kieth Olbermann is.


First off, any member of the journalistic community with enough hubris to make political donations and attempt to keep the illusion of unbiased rhetoric, has proven their lack of intelligence and gross disregard for the profession within which quality outlets like MeetTheMatts.com have slaved tirelessly to uphold. Last night, Keith performed  a six minute condemnation of MLB for its lack of accommodations given to the Washington D.C. community due to the MLB “not allowing” the Nats to wear United States Navy Hats during the day game – which was POSTPONED in order to give accommodation to the city of D.C.  nats navy hats Meet_The_MattsThe Nats, in fact, didn’t even ask to wear the hats during the game.  They asked permission to wear the hats for BP and that permission was granted.  Olberboob’s ridiculous spin is that the Nats didn’t ask for permission to wear them during the game because they knew the answer would be no.  Olberboob neglected to recognize that simply postponing a game on sept 16 – when there are no travel days left in the season and no subsequent trips to the respective ball parks – is one hell of an accommodation.

If the unfortunate events had happened on Wednesday, there would have been no way to postpone the game no matter what MLB felt of the situation given that both teams are fighting for a division title.  To insinuate that Major League Baseball is somehow lost of its moral compass due to its handling of the unfortunate events on Monday, is tantamount to profiteering on the behalf of Keith Olbermann and ESPN for allowing it to happen.  Utilizing unfortunate current events to strike grand platitudes against an unrelated organization is deplorable shock journalism worthy of no more outlet than the super market tabloids.

Keith Olbermann you are a disgrace.  Your aloof misrepresentations of the truth continue regardless of the medium in which you communicate.  You were a joke of a political reporter and your attempts at shock journalism are no more welcome in the sports world that it was in the hyper liberal space you occupied before.  Please disappear yourself from my television.

Different Matt tomorrow.

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