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NEW YORK, NY – First off,  thanks to Different Matt for filling in for me last week. But yours truly has busy getting hotter by the minute – having put another HALF MARATHON in the booksAnd while you might think I’m driven to exercise by some need or search of a happy place to go to because my Yankees are not playing this October, I’m pretty OK with not having to watch baseball this post season. Here are my Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Happy Not Watching Baseball:

5) More SLEEP! I LOVE SLEEP!  LOVE IT! I don’t get enough of it. I’m THRILLED not to have to worry about staying up for the night game, and heaven forfend if the opponent is on the Left Coast and I have to endure watching even LATER due to a different time zone. Who wants to stay up until 1AM with the prospect that their team loses game THREE of a seven game series, and yet, you MUST watch it because someone will call you out for not being a ‘real fan’ for heading to bed before the game finished?  And really, unless your team goes all the way to the World Series..I’m sorry… but for all the games it nets out not being worth dragging ass thru the month of October. 

4) FOOTBALL! Isn’t it GREAT?!!  Leaves are falling and football is in full swing!  The Giants are 0-6 and WAKE THE F*CK UP PEOPLE… my Broncos are 6-0.  SIIIIIX AND OOOOOOOOOH!  And while Cookie here is a warm weather girl (your site ambassador for all things shorts, tank tops and bikinis), I do love a fine sweater and the chance to eat buffalo wings and yell ‘SUCK IT!’ at the screen when I see Tony Romo or Tom Brady choking. (Yea Gisele. I told your boy Tom to ‘SUCK IT,’ and I don’t even LIKE him.  Wanna throw?!?)

3) Less Awful Sports Announcers: While this one could REALLY go either way for the HORRENDOUS burden of having to endure Joe ‘What the F*ck?!?’ Buck call both NFL football AND post season baseball, I’m going to say I’m pretty glad I don’t have to endure post-season baseball announcers.  Thanks to TBS, Mets fans get to suffer listen to Ron Darling, and then there’s Cal Ripken (who I love.. but does he ever say much?!?) , and Ernie Johnson. But for continued post-season suffering in audio and visual… Craig Sager rambles on and blinds millions.  Yea. Kevin Garnett would appear to be smart.  ‘Burn it’ indeed.

2) Hockey’s Back! And tho it’s a ‘niche sport’ here, I’m pretty excited. Another year, a FULL season ahead and ‘LET’S GO RANGERS.’ And while the early season BAD news is that apparently we need Tortorella back and Captain Callahan is out three-to four weeks with a broken thumb, the GOOD news is that we’ve got skating, checking, slap shots and cool moves! And if you can’t afford to take a second mortgage out on your house to get to an NHL game, check out your local minor league teams. At a fraction of the cost, the action is pretty damn good.. and you get to sit rink side and bang on the glass too.. ya know.. show your kids how it’s REALLY done.

Keep your eye on the… BALLS. Click to ENLARGE.

1) The Optimistic Outlook To Next Year: .. and here is where we can ALL relate.  Next year… one hundred and sixty some odd games and we get a clean slate.  As a Yankee fan, I can look towards a year with Mark Texieria  and without (more than likely..please dear GOD) Phil Hughes. And isn’t that what sports is all about?  Hope?

Come on back tomorrow for the hope and optimistic outlook of  Junoir Blaber.

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