Free Week 8 NFL Picks: Peyton, Redskin Name Scandal, Bradshaw vs Stabler

Cheesy Bruin’s Week 8 NFL Picks

DENVER, COLORADO After a 2-2 Week #7 the winning percentage dipped to 59% based upon an overall mark of 16-11.  These Free Week 8 NFL Picks make the numbers rise toward the magical 70% goal and are a license to print money–enough to open up your own Money Store:

Favorite I see Peyton Manning missed practice the other day. Big whup. The way this guy goes about his on-field business, he could miss a month of practices and show up on game day and still throw for 350 yards and three scores. Thankfully, debate over the nickname Redskins has diverted attention away from how shitty the Washington defense is. Word out of D.C. is that the Department of Defense is thinking about moving the Pentagon so as to distance itself from the ‘Skins embarrassing effort. Cookie’s Broncos & Manning can name the amount of points they feel like scoring today and deliver based on two lackluster games in a row. Hide the women and children. This one gets ugly in a hurry. BRONCOS -12

stabler_bradshawUnderdog On Any Given Sunday a game could be fixed and the likelihood of one being a “tank job” multiplies when played in prime time since it’s the only football betting option. Recent Monday and Thursday night contests have been atrocious to say the least. What’s on tap for these games this weekend appear no better as the Yikes are on Sunday and the QB-less Rams host the Monday- nighter. Brett Favre turned down St. Louis’ request (whew!) and signed Brady Quinn (haha) to back up Kellen Clemens (pfft! I mentioned this guy in a post a few months ago for some humor). There’s no way to think the Rams cover the double digits at home with the Seahawks starting to spread their wings and fly away from the NFC pack. Precisely what all of the football betting public think. Conspiracy alert, gimme… RAMS + 11.

Under No Julio Jones or Roddy White but Harry Douglas stepped up last week albeit against a weak Tampa team. No Steven Jackson at RB but Jacquizz Rogers is taking short passes out of the backfield in lieu of hand-offs. The lack of their regular talent will eventually catch up to them and today is the time with a road tilt with the very capable defensive talent of the Arizona Cardinals. The Cards also plod on offense at times and paired with a good defense and a visiting team who is only packing their bags for the first time in over a month keeps the score down. Atl/Ari UNDER 45 1/2.

Over Nowhere near a Stabler vs. Bradshaw match-up is Pryor vs. Roethlisberger but my gut is telling me this game will be more entertaining than expected. The fact is Oakland’s offensive line is all banged up but that can serve the scoring well since the mobile QB Pryor can invent on the run as well as cough up a few for a Steelers team starting to get its running legs under them. The Raidiz are fresh off a bye and can run the ball effectively enough to open things up down field via the air. Pitt/Oak OVER 40 1/2

West Coast Craig, from NFL-less Los Angeles, tomorrow.

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