Free Week 12 NFL Picks plus Rex Ryan, Dawg Pound and

Bottoms Up! Go Cowboys!
Bottoms Up!  Go Cowboys!
Bottoms Up! Go Cowboys!

BULL FROG FLATS, TN – Selections over the last four weeks have been nothing short of blazing with an 11-5 record against the spread. As a result, have ridden the wave to an overall mark of 27-16 (63%) for the year. The bad news today comes from an inner voice usually flowing with confidence and serves as fair warning to proceed cautiously with the Free Week 12 NFL Picks. It was a bit of a chore in finding the following selections and even more arduous trying to explain the predictions. Here goes nothing!

Cleveland's brown
Cleveland brown.

FAVORITE: Pittsburgh and Cleveland meet twice a year as AFC North division foes and the more I see these games the more I am confused. The Browns have a colorful name that is the hue of excrement found in any Dawg Pound, but why are their helmets a blank canvas of bright orange? In this age of computer graphics and branding, the lack of an emblem is somewhat of a mystery. And speaking of which, the Steelers helmets lack the symmetry of every other NFL headgear, as U.S. Steel’s old logo appears on one side only. I won’t even get into those throwback prison uniforms they don on occasion. Beau Brummel should have been consulted for some fashion advice. No matter how much it hurts the eyes, or wallet, BROWNS -1 1/2.

UNDERDOG: Today’s Jets-Ravens game is the latest installment of Ryan vs. Harbaugh as all four (SF, Baltimore, New Orleans, and New York all seem to be playing each other every week). Much has been made of the Jets win-one-lose-one rhythm since the start of the year but the Ravens have an oddity of their own as 6 of the last 7 contests have been decided by a field goal or less. Therefore, if you combine the two, the Jets win by three, right? Besides, Jets fly further and faster than Ravens and NY has Lori Levine and Cookie while Baltimore has The Public Professor. Edge: NY JETS +4

Stay "Over" San Diego!
Stay “Over” San Diego!

OVER: Kansas City is renowned for its barbecue; San Diego for its fish tacos. Lightning bolts and arrowheads are both dangerous projectiles.  Johnny Bucyk of the Boston Bruins was nicknamed The ChiefCharlestown was home of the Chiefs in Slap Shot and San Diego home to Ron Burgundy. I don’t know where this argument is going… SD/KC OVER 42.

UNDER: Somehow I get the feeling that even the folks in the home markets of Houston and Jacksonville, who have a combined three wins on the season, won’t be watching this scrimmage in futility. This game is reminiscent of the question, “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around, does it make a sound“? One thing is for sure about Jax is that the cheese variety can always be found in Angry Ward’s kitchen. Anybody who knows this guy will tell you he’s the Emeril Lagasse of Bachmann Cheese Jax and invents new ways to enjoy and incorporate the snack into regular meals. jaxA Jax cookbook is in the works entitled, “Seasons In The Sun” with a foreword by Terry Jacks. HOU/JAX UNDER 43 1/2.

Please comment below with football talk and tales of how you’ll spend your winnings… and please come back tomorrow for an Emergency Cookie’s Corner!

P.s… D.J. Eberle has three more FREE PICKS over at our partner site, He helps the Rugby Heads who are still banged up from playing yesterday.

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