Turkey Day and Black Friday Sports Musings

turkey-comaTurkey Coma – Its Thanksgiving Night and I’m trying to stay awake after having consumed about a weeks worth of calories for dinner. The Steelers-Ravens snoozefest isn’t helping. The early games on Thanksgiving weren’t great either. The Lions dismantled the Packers in the first game, a bit of a role reversal from years past when the Lions were terrible. Now the Lions are halfway decent and Green Bay are terrible without Aaron Rogers discount double-checking opposing defenses. It’s good to see the Lions not sucking on Thanksgiving, which had been a tradition almost as old as Thanksgiving itself. It would have been a great game if Rogers was able to go, but without him, the game was over before it started.

The Cowboys took on the Raiders in the second game. For the neutral observer this game was interesting, with the Cowboys coming from behind to beat Oakland in Jerry Jones’ shed. But I’m not a neutral observer. It always sucks to see Tony Romo playing well so this game was no fun for me. The Cowboys are now on top of the NFC East and they’re pretty close to having the division wrapped up with their 4-0 record in the division.  This game sucked, solely because the Cowboys won and I had to listen to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for three hours.

jerryThe late game  between the Ravens and the Steelers turned out to be the cure for insomnia. Two average teams with overrated quarterbacks doing battle on Thanksgiving Night. If half of the country wasn’t already asleep due to Turkey Day tryptophan and general overindulgence, then this game finished the job; Enter Sandman. The first half of this game was unwatchable. Luckily. there was the Canucks vs Senators tilt on NHL Network to keep me awake while writing this.

DorsettTomorrow, while shoppers are out at the ass-crack of dawn waiting for stores to open on Black Friday to buy a bunch of stuff that A) they cant afford and B) the people they are buying stuff for are just going to return for store credit, I will be asleep. Hopefully I’ll wake up just in time for the Rangers vs Bruins game at 1pm. We’ll see which Rangers team shows up. They’ve been practicing their Jekyll and Hyde routine on this road trip. We know what Bruins team will show up. They are a big team and they play a physical game. The Rangers have gotten away from the physical play of late. The fighter on the team, Derek Dorsett, is a Short Matt-esque 3′-7″ tall. mtm Fantasy IslandI’m worried that the lack of physical play is going to catch up with the Rangers eventually. But hey, it hasn’t caught up with the Red Wings all these years. Lets hope for a good game and, with apologies to Cheesy Bruin, a Rangers victory.

Thats it for me today. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend with, Turkey Surprise (Junoir Blaber) tomorrow and Turkey Casserole  (Cheesy Bruin) Sunday.

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