Week 10 BCS Busters

oregon ducks lose to Stanford CardinalST. LOUIS, MO – Thursday night football?  Thursday night…..College football?  Thursday night Top 10 college football? WTF[rog]? These kids have class the next morning.  Moreover, why ruin a perfectly good Saturday by displacing two of the marquee match-ups to a weeknight, wherein they are competing with the NFL for viewership as well as each other for viewership?

When a Duck quacks the bucket in the woods does anyone hear it?

Both of these games should have been played on the national stage on Saturday afternoon.  The SEC game of the week for CBS is Miss St. vs TAMU.  No one is watching that outside of College Station.  The PAC 12 and Big 12 had the perfect week to take the Noon and 330pm time slots by storm with two of the biggest match ups of the season.  Instead no one east of Minneapolis or south of Omaha tuned in for more than an ESPN highlight reel of the the most important game of the year.  The game wherein the PAC 12 shows its true color.  Oregon is not good….. If anything their loss was a blessing in disguise because BAMA would have embarrassed them.  That being said there are thousands of not so cocky anymore hippies in Eugene donating their “WE WANT BAMA”  t-shirts to kids in Somalia.  The truth is no one wants ‘BAMA.

The Baylor/OU game was equally impressive – but not because of the Baylor offense.  It was their defense that sets this team apart in my mind.  The one thing that separates a real top 5 team from an over ranked under scheduled poser is athletes on defense.  In years past the Big 12 has been notorious for failing on the national stage because the spread offense has forced defenses to morph into smaller faster dime and nickel sets reliant on a strong front four.  This Baylor D was fast enough to shut down OU’s run and Shoot and they are  not small at Linebacker.  I don’t foresee them finishing undefeated however considering their remaining schedule includes TECH OSU and Mack Brown’s Longhorns in what might be a career saving win.

As for the rest of the today’s slate here are some predictions:

Upset Alert:
Ohio State will not win this weekend.  There I said it.

UCLA – Something is cooking down in Tuscon.  In a battle to stay relevant in the PAC 12 south UCLA comes up short to a wildcat team in need of a quality win at home.

Arizona State – Utah’s record is sneaky bad.  Many might have forgotten that just a few weeks ago that Stanford (overrated) left Utah bruised up with a bad loss. Arizona State is due for a letdown game looking ahead to Oregon state.

Notre Dame – Out there in Pittsburg the saturday tickets are worth more than the Sunday tickets for the first time in a while.  Notre Dame gave up 34 points to Navy last week at home.  Going to Heinz field will not be pleasant.

Lastly, I will not write on Saturday again any time soon… because Cheesy Bruin is too good to come before. Or just breath heavy.

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